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DeLORME inReach

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I did a forum search and didn't find this device turn up so I'm trying a new thread.

DeLorme inReach - Two-way satellite text messaging, tracking and SOS anywhere in the world

Are there any others out there with any experience using these devices? I have had some experience with mixed results. They are great for communicating long distance around the planet and provide fantastic tracking abilities. It uses the Iridium system so has 100% coverage of the earth. They are much cheaper to buy and use than Sat phones and the battery life is really good also.

There are different plans for Canadian users that include the ability to 'suspend' your account if you are not using it for an extended period of time.

One of the problems I have had is intermittent 'server connection' issues when trying to follow users or send messages.

Is there anyone else here who can share their experiences?

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