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So I finally broke down and bought a clearstream 4v with the VHF rod for $80 on sale at best buy.. might still be for black friday 2015 if you're reading this in the year 3011...

I pared it with my RCA preamp 22db UHF 16db VHF and I was able to pull in quite a few channels including Real 12 WHYY from philly 55 miles away which is only giving me like 16 or 19db to my house but with the amp and the antenna on a coat rack on top of the kitchen table signal was good even in some heavy clouds and light rain.

the result is very decent HD from a lot of channels and I get 2 Fox Channels very well and a third is kinda glitching in and out...

I also have one channel a sub of ION that has no audio .. it could be the language setting but IDK anyway.

I figure with a ChannelMaster 7777 and this thing at the top of the Attic I should at minimum get a handful of stations in real bad weather and probably get quite a few under those conditions... even without the amp i will get a handful of channels under good conditions. ... so i'm ready for WW3 WOOOHOOO! heh

I should also be able to pare this with a distribution amp and feed the house..

So my quest for OTA is probably behind me.. I could have just bought this antenna or a different one like it long ago but ......

I am both cheap .. and willing to tough it out to do things on my own...

Well not completely on my own .. I had lots of help here .. and on TVFool and a couple other forms for video capture and stuff.

So thanks hollands for all your hard work you do .. you are helping a lot of people...

and to the rest of you guys for lending some input and help along the way.

The 4v vs my antenna .. well it gets me VHF and overall it seems to be higher quality signal because they use all the right parts and not beach chairs I harvested from a hippy concert..

anyway thanks again guys.

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Preamp should have enough UUMPH to drive 4 drops....Distribution Amp shouldn't be needed.....and can OVERDRIVE your TV Tuners unless carefully designed to avoid Desensitization on weak channels. If you decide you "NEED" to add a DistroAmp, you MIGHT need to insert a small amount (e.g. spare 2-Port RF Splitter has about 4 dB Loss) on its INPUT.
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