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I liked the original Dead Rising enough to think about trying the sequel. Capcom decided to not release a demo. Instead for 400 MS points (IIRC) you can get Case Zero - a short prequel to Dead Rising 2.

I didn't like it much at first, but that's because I was playing it more as a survival horror title, which the Dead Rising games aren't. Once I got back into the Dead Rising state of mind, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Case Zero features the best elements of the original - juggling different missions while watching the clock and dismembering the undead - and improved the much maligned survivor AI.

The game takes a few hours to play, and there is some replay value. Different endings for those who care. More importantly if you are planning on getting Dead Rising 2, your save will carry over into that game. You can build up your character to the verge of level 6, which will give you a head start in DR2.
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