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The original Dead Rising was the first game I ever bought for the 360. It was fun, but flawed in a lot of ways. Tiny fonts and bad AI made things hard to enjoy at times.

Dead Rising 2 has kept all the good parts, fixed the AI and font size, and added a new weapon creation system and co-op modes. It's an excellent example of what a sequel should be - better than the first.

Overall the controls work well. Close combat feels pretty natural. Ranged combat isn't as easy but doesn't cause big problems. There are a few times when platforming comes into play and things get a bit clunky.

Graphics wise it isn't as polished as a lot of recent Capcom titles. That may be due to the fact that this wasn't developed in house by Capcom. I imagine the sheer number of zombies that appear on screen at one time also puts some constraints on how much detail any character/item can have.

The area you can roam around in is bigger than DR1, and has a lot more personality. The zombies got Las Vegas, so five years after the events of the original Dead Rising it was remade as Fortune City. You are still running between a safe room and a mall, but can also get outside to other nearby buildings and attractions. This is an M rated game - for gore as you would expect. But there is a lot of humourous sexual innuendo as well.

Money isn't such a problem this time around, as you can earn extra money in online competition and export it back to your current save. That's cool, but feels kind of cheap too.

The regular zombies aren't much of a problem if you dodge and weave through them. If you stop to fight you can get swarmed pretty quickly. Some of the mini-boss fights are really challenging, which helps to highlight the oddly slow save/load times.

Anyway, I expect to be entertained by DR2 until I get to go back to Vegas later this month when the next Fallout is released. Er, New Vegas.
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