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Greetings all

Need help and have found it here here is my problem.

DCX HD receiver. RGB component out to Pioneer receiver.
Pioneer DVD Recorder RCA output (has rg6 in and out)--not sure about how to set up in/out
Pioneer 850 Receiver. HDMI out to Sharp Quattron

All audio comes through in ceiling speakers via receiver.

Question do I hook up all these components to run properly?

The DVD recorder is just like a pvr. The tv guide allows me to set recordings and view them later. Or I can watch standard def cogeco.

I just don't know which wires should go where and when. For example main cogeco in to dcx first then to DVD recorder or to recorder then to dcx?

Should RCA from recorder go to dcx or just to pioneer receiver? All three or just video or just audio?

Thank you all in advance for your guidance and help in this matter.

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Here's the FAQ on how to connect the PVR and DVD Recorder.

What's the exact model number of the AVR?

You can connect the video connections directly to the TV and then audio to the AVR from each device. See the following FAQ on Cables & Connections. Use the best available and when you post back, please use the right nomenclature.

Here's a useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization:
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