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Hi, I used to be DogT, but somehow I never could get back on the forum, so I re-registered as DogW. Anyhow....

Back in about 2008 or so I built a DBGH, the one on the introduction to Hoverman page made of PVC and chicken wire. Well after all this time the thing fell down in one of the winds we've been having lately and it broke all apart. Previously I had build an 8 element colinear array which appeared to work as good as the DBGH. So I would switch between the two, but the colinear was a narrow band antenna and didn't work well on the other channels. As you know US and CA had this repacking of frequencies, and the PBS station I watch in DC changed from channel 27 to 31, well that made the colinear not work very good and then the DBGH broke apart. So I'm rebuilding and hopefully improving the DGGH. This time I'm using #6 copper wire for the elements, pounding the ends flat so I can use a #6 screw through it. I've got the center section and elements done and I cut my finger so I'm quitting this evening. Hopefully I can finish it up in the morning and get it up in the afternoon.

I looked at the new designs, but they don't seem to perform any better than the DBGH so I opted just to rebuild it. We'll see what happens. Despite the PBS station going to higher power, I still get drops when it rains or we have thunderstorms.

Comments appreciated.

Dave N3DT
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