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New sport channel called DAZN is launching in Canada which is similar to Netflix but only for sports:

""""Following the news announced today, DAZN will be the only place Canadians can access NFL Game Pass, which includes every live NFL game of the 2017 season – pre-season, regular season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. As the new home of NFL Game Pass, which includes all Sunday games previously offered in NFL Sunday Ticket, and NFL RedZone, DAZN will have both live and on-demand NFL coverage with no blackouts meaning fans will never have to miss another epic touchdown, field goal or interception.

DAZN will also provide access to other sports from top leagues and competitions around the world. Monthly and annual packages will be available. Sports fans will be able to subscribe for $20 CAD a month or annually for the limited introductory price of $150 CAD. In addition, all subscribers will get 30 days free.""""""

Wonder if Spotsnet World Now closed because they're partnering with them?

Their full programming online will be announced soon.
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I paused my account when that option became available. Wasn;t looking for a refund, just an extension. Checked it the other day and it actually had not actually been, even though I received confirmation at the time.
I think "paused" just means DAZN won't auto renew when your current subscription is finished (monthly or yearly).
First it was Canelo Álvarez, then it was Serie A, now it's the EPL

Is Dazn a sinking ship?

Other than NFL and UEFA Champions league, DAZN doesn't really have anything of significance to offer to Canadian sports fans.
DAZN isn't a sinking ship. They're trying to buy BT Sport for £600 million. There is some speculation about what they'll do in North America.

The Canelo situation was mostly a problem with Golden Boy Promotions/Oscar De La Hoya, not DAZN. Three of his four fights since the split have been on DAZN. They still have a good boxing line-up.
I wouldn't be shocked if DAZN pulled out of North America. They have nothing of note in the US and they just lost their second-biggest property in Canada. Having the NFL and UCL plus a bunch of fringe sports/competitions isn't going to keep them afloat.
They have decent boxing in the US. They're trying to get a deal with Canelo to fight Bivol and GGG.

Not that the Premier League is bigger in Canada than the NFL, but I think the EPL was a bigger property for them because it is exclusive (almost, there is one game on NBC most weeks). Most football fans get their NFL from CTV and TSN.
They really need a new single major property or to become a "home" for a certain sport (like motorsports) to stay alive here, imo.
With the exception of F1, particularly in Quebec, motorsports don't move the needle in Canada.
All this I can live with for $20/month during NFL regular season
How do you watch the playoffs?
To answer the previous question about playoffs, we get all the games on broadcast TV, so no need to stream it.
I was hoping you'd write:
PLAYOFFS?! Don’t talk about—playoffs? You kidding me? I'm a Dolphins fan. Playoffs!?!
I don't know a lot about BT Sport. If the acquisition went through what type of additional programming would be available on DAZN Canada?
It didn't happen. BT Sport is becoming a joint venture with Warner Bros Discover's Eurosport. I was hoping DAZN would buy it and show BT Sport's Champions League and Premier League coverage (especially their halftime, pre and post match stuff) in Canada. Since DAZN lost the Premier League rights here, that couldn't happen after this season.

They also have made some sports docs like "The Boot Room Boys".
CHCH had the final round of LIV too. I think it will only be free on Youtube for the short term.
DAZN already increased prices in most of the world this year, but it's hard to stomach after they lost the Premier League. $5/month probably won't be a big deal for NFL fans, but this might be the last straw for many soccer fans.
Is the "pretty big secondary offering" MLS? It's not gone yet, but based on the ratings for the Canadian teams I don't think many people watch the US only matches.
It does sound that way. I bet most NFL fans in Canada will switch to the standalone sub.
Some will. I know some older NFL fans who wouldn't. But they probably mostly watch on US terrestrial channels now - and will continue to do so.
Not many Canadians get US channels OTA. Most of the NFL audience will still watch CTV and TSN, but that audience will continue to erode.
If they strip NFL out of the standard DAZN package maybe they'd be able to reduce its price. Unfortunately, I'm sure it will cost more next season to get the NFL + DAZN.
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