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New sport channel called DAZN is launching in Canada which is similar to Netflix but only for sports:

""""Following the news announced today, DAZN will be the only place Canadians can access NFL Game Pass, which includes every live NFL game of the 2017 season – pre-season, regular season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. As the new home of NFL Game Pass, which includes all Sunday games previously offered in NFL Sunday Ticket, and NFL RedZone, DAZN will have both live and on-demand NFL coverage with no blackouts meaning fans will never have to miss another epic touchdown, field goal or interception.

DAZN will also provide access to other sports from top leagues and competitions around the world. Monthly and annual packages will be available. Sports fans will be able to subscribe for $20 CAD a month or annually for the limited introductory price of $150 CAD. In addition, all subscribers will get 30 days free.""""""

Wonder if Spotsnet World Now closed because they're partnering with them?

Their full programming online will be announced soon.
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I don't get it, Bell just signed a new contract for NFL:

Under the new multi-year deal, NFL regular-season games will air across Bell channels on Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

So does this mean DAZN can but digital rights for any other leagues no matter who owns the rights for Television? Like Premier league, NBA, Bundesliga, MLB and .... !!!!
DAZN just updated their website:

''''You can also see top European soccer including LaLiga Santander, Ligue 1 and Serie A, plus MotoGP, KHL Hockey, ATP 250 Tennis, PDC Darts, FIBA Basketball and Pro12 Rugby Union - All in HD.''''

Their soccer coverage is same as BEIN Sports Canada but DAZN has on-demand option.
DAZN just added UEFA Champions League and Europa League so now BEIN sports is just too expensive (150 vs 209.95 annually) with no on-demand option.

I wonder if TSN and Sportsnet are working with DAZN or they just don't hold the digital rights for many sports.


""""Footy fans will definitely get their fix on DAZN. We'll have an update on all our league offerings in the coming days. Stay tuned!"""""
I just noticed that all the soccer leagues previously shown on the Dazn Canada website have now been removed.
Some one asked the same question on Twitter and this is DAZN's response:

"""An updated list of available programming will be out soon. Thanks for your patience!"""
oh great, thanks for the update. What did you watch exactly? What are they showing right now? The NFL preseason starts tomorrow.
BEIN Sports just lost the rights to EFL Championship

Last but not least, it’s anticipated that DAZN will be announced as the rights-holder of EFL Championship games in Canada. DAZN, part of the Perform empire, has seen success as a streaming platform in Germany and Japan. DAZN, pronounced “Da zone,” hopes to become the Netflix of soccer.


It's so weird that BEIN was advertising the games until yesterday, just a few days before the season starts everything is changed!
wow, what does this mean?

''''''''We're announcing our full content lineup soon. The current price is an introductory offer. Sign up now to take advantage!''''''
Maybe Dazn haven't got Katie up to speed on everything yet. Some people are reporting that they have got the Samsung app on their TV as well.
@ottvee Are you able to watch every game for Ligue 1 (matchday 1) on demand or just selected game?

DAZN partnered with BEIN sports so they got UEFA champions league.
What La Liga games did you watch? The season doesn't start for another few weeks.

Ya, I dont understand why their line up and schedule isn't up yet but I think they will have every game available on-demand. I'm just waiting to see if they have actually all the UEFA champions league then I'll subscribe.
Are they showing UEFA Super Cup today?
Does anyone know if I can use iphone app with chromecast to watch the games on TV?
@bashung sorry
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Yes Chromecast is supported.
Thanks. I asked because Sportsnet Now only supports chromecast if you have an android phone not an iphone.
I am not quit sure if BEIN sports just have the left overs from TSN for CL since they show alot of same games including the final. Also there is no option to buy the full package of Champions league online.

SN World Online used to have everything including separate packages to buy the games. I think DAZN secured themselves with NFL and now they can add more sports such as soccer.
CL playoff schedule is out and TSN is showing 6 out of 10 games but nothing on Bein. Does DAZN have anything for next week (Aug 15 & 16)?
any update on CL? So DAZN will only show one game per day which is live on BEIN?
Regarding UEFA Champions league games:

""""We'll have a selection of games available through our @beINSPORTS stream, and we're already working on expanding our content lineup further!""""
UEFA Champions league and Europa league on DAZN for next 3 years:

"All 138 UCL plus 205 UEL matches now available LIVE/on demand"
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DAZN and Sportsnet NOW make me want cut the cord (cable) but TSN still has 1/2 of Premier League and Canadian MLS. Does anyone know when do those rights expire?

Many of my friends had to get DAZN because of NFL and now many more are considering it due to champions league including me.
I think ben fav is right, I dont see the day that we can pay 12.5 for everything.

TSN needs to keep up with DAZN and SN so u can buy their products without cable. It would be something like $50 plus though for all 3. Or, if TSN keeps losing their rights ( I really want to know the details about Premier League TV rights contract length in Canada).

Apple TV currently has only SN NOW and DAZN app for sports in Canada.

Maybe Bell is investing money some other way instead of TSN or TSN app. It's weird though how no one complained to CRTC about DAZN launching in Canada!
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