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Datacolor SpyderTV - Calibration.

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Read about this in Popular Science. They said US$250. Anyone used it?
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OK, I realize this is a pretty old thread but I just got to it via a convoluted path from a recent post.

I recently bought a Spyder3Pro from Henry's for, I think, $159 when they were on sale. Out of the box, its only a Windows monitor calibrator but there are several solutions to make it into a TV calibrator. I'll mention only the two I have looked at - there are more (and the prices are 'more' too).

The OEM solution is to buy the Spyder3TV download edition from the Colordata website. Its only $US59 and you get a ZIP with the ISOs for the software install and test material DVDs (if you can burn the DVDs yourself there's no need to pay $20 more to have them ship them to you). There are also Spyder3TV tutorial videos on the Datacolor website.

Cheaper (free) is HCFR. While they have plans for a DIY colorimeter too, the software does support the Spyder3 - I've had it running and you get a virtual information overload out of it. Will probably take a bit to figure out how to use it properly because the documentation is in French.

I bought it to use with my Pio 710HD RPTV but that died before I got to it. I'm now going to use it with my Panny PT-AE4000U projector - yes, it says the Spyder3 does front projection... it even comes with a holder to mount it on a tripod. I haven't quite got to that yet - the system's only one month old.
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1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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