Google today took the wraps off of an informative new privacy tool called Dashboard, that lets Google account holders see all the Google services they use and view a summary of the data stored by each of them.

In addition, Dashboard lets account holders view and manage their account information and providers links to where they can manage their privacy settings, calendars, web history, Picasa web albums and more.

"We think of this as a great step towards giving people transparency and control over their data, and we hope this helps shape the way the industry thinks about these issues," said Alma Whitten, Software Engineer on Privacy and Security. "It's important for people to be aware of what data they have online and to be able to manage that data--Google Dashboard should help to make this a reality."

The following video, produced by Google, explains how to log on and what you can expect to see on your Dashboard. Users can access their Dashboard at or in the settings page of their Google Account.

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