Canadians are loyal Facebook friends: 19 million log on at least once every month and 14 million check their newsfeed each day.

Facebook says that 13 million Canadian users access the social network site at least once a month on a mobile device, with a whopping 9.4 million doing so daily.

Jordan Banks, managing director of Facebook Canada, said statistics show that while the global average of monthly users (that come back daily) is around 61 percent, with the US number at 70 percent, the Canadian figure sits much higher at 74 percent.

“Consumer behaviour is just fundamentally changing these days and so whereas it used to be that somebody would jump online maybe once a day and they’d do it from their PC, people are now online multiple times a day and they’re online across a whole variety of different devices, the majority of which are mobile,” added Banks in a Canadian Press report.

Overall, Facebook currently has 1.15 billion active monthly users worldwide, a 21 percent increase from 2012. The company reports that the average user spends almost 18 minutes a day on the site or about two hours a week.

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