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The King is dead. Long live the King. On our Labs tests, the brand-spanking-new D-Link Xtreme N Duo Media Router (aka the DIR-855) garnered enough oohs and aahs to be named our new all-around Editors' Choice for home wireless routers.
From PC Magazine Review

I have posted this because we get a number of folks asking what Router to buy.

The price on this is $300 so it's not cheap but it does appear to be the state of the art for folks looking for top notch performance and not a bargain basement router.

From D-Link: DIR-855 Key Features and Benefits:

  • Superior performance over competing 802.11n routers with simultaneous dual band (2.4 and 5GHz) operation
  • On-board OLED Network Activity Display for quick view of network performance
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup to quickly and easily create and connect to a secure wireless network
  • Intelligent Wireless Prioritization Technology
  • QoS engine enables digital telephony "clear calls" and accelerates seamless interactive processing of packets in applications like online gaming.
  • Works with existing wireless 802.11g and 11b devices
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports for optimal speed for wired network
  • Advanced wireless network security with WPA or WPA2 encryption
  • Dual active firewalls to protect network from Internet attacks
  • Expanded home Wi-Fi coverage
  • Simple and easy installation with D-Link Quick Router Setup

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This item doesn't appear to be available in Canada as yet, but the very similar *looking* DGL-4500 "Xtreme N Gaming Router" is. Does anybody know how different they are?
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