Global IT consulting firm, Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) announced on April 12th, it would introduce its BizCloud solution to help Canadian government agencies and businesses quickly leap into public and private cloud computing.

The BizCloud solution, already widely used in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US, gives users all the components required for a private cloud including security and IT management plus the added bonus of adhering to Canadian data governance requirements.

Siki Giunta, vice president of Cloud Computing and Software Services, CSC, said, "There is a model for every organization. Whether you want self-managed or managed service options, or a private, public or hybrid cloud, CSC is following through on our promise to deliver the right cloud, the right way. With CSC, every organization can easily make the initial move to 'as a service'  -  infrastructure, platform and software on-demand."

The BizCloud solution is built on a Vblock Infrastructure Platform which integrates virtualization software from VMware, networking gear from Cisco and storage and security technology from EMC.

CSC plans to use the 11 Canadian data centres owned and managed by Toronto-based Web hosting provider, Q9 Networks.

Mark Schrutt, analyst from research firm IDC summed it up: "Cloud computing has tremendous promise in Canada. Up to this point, many Canadian businesses have been sitting on the sideline waiting for in-Canada solutions. IDC’s research finds that 60 percent of buyers prefer in-Canada IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) offerings."

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