Today, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced that it has signed a memorandum of understanding with ten enforcement agencies from around the world in order to fight unlawful spam and unsolicited telecommunications.

The global partners are:
  • The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  • The United States’ Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communications Commission
  • The Australian Communications and Media Authority
  • The Netherlands’ Authority for Consumers & Markets
  • The United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office and National Trading Standards Intelligence Team
  • The Korea Internet & Security Agency
  • The New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
  • The South Africa National Consumer Commission

According to a press release from the CRTC, the agencies have committed to sharing information and intelligence amongst each other regarding international spam and unsolicited communications coming from abroad, where permitted by the laws of its jurisdiction.

The agreement promotes cooperation between the CRTC and its international counterparts in enforcing Canadian and international spam and unsolicited telecommunications laws.

“Unsolicited calls and spam continue to be a nuisance in Canada and in other jurisdictions,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman and CEO of the CRTC. “This agreement sends a strong message that the international enforcement community is committed to putting a stop to these unlawful activities and to holding those responsible to account, wherever they are located. We look forward to collaborating more closely with our partners to protect Canadians’ privacy in their homes and on their mobile devices.”

The eleven organizations signing on together are all members of the London Action Plan , a network of international spam and unsolicited communications enforcement agencies.

The international group was created in London, England on October 11, 2004, as part of an initiative with 27 countries to discuss international spam and unsolicited telecommunications enforcement cooperation.

Earlier this March, the CRTC and the U.S. Federal Trade Commission signed a memorandum of understanding to enforce laws related to unsolicited telecommunications and spam as well as exchanging knowledge and expertise through training programs and staff exchanges.

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