The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is inviting Canadians to share their views on how the Wireless Code is helping to address issues with their wireless services.

The Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services administers the Code and helps resolve complaints.

The Code, which came into force three years ago, provides industry standards for wireless companies and aims to promote a dynamic marketplace. It applies to all mobile wireless service providers that serve individuals and small businesses.

"Since its creation, the Wireless Code has helped address issues of concern to many Canadians, including the clarity of contracts and bill shock,” stated Jean-Pierre Blais, Chairman of the CRTC.

“Canadians helped create the Wireless Code and we are asking for their feedback on whether it is responding to their needs in today's marketplace. Our goal is to make sure Canadians continue to be empowered every time they make decisions concerning their wireless services," he added.

In order to gather feedback, the CRTC is hosting an online discussion forum from September 13 to 26, 2016. This will give customers a chance to voice their opinion on the quality of their wireless service.

Those living in Canada can also participate until September 26, 2016 by:
  • filling out the online form
  • writing to the Secretary General, CRTC, Ottawa, Ontario K1A ON2, or
  • sending a fax to (819) 994-0218

This review being done by the CRTC includes a public hearing that will begin on February 6, 2017, in the National Capital Region.

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