The CRTC has rejected Quebecor's application for a Category 1 licence for Sun TV News, a 24-hour English news channel.

Last month the company had announced plans to launch Sun TV News on January 1, 2011 provided it was given a category 1 licence, a type of licence the CRTC had said it would not given out until late 2011.

In the letter dated July 5th, the CRTC re-iterated its March 31, 2010 decision to not consider issuing any new Category 1 licences until October 2011 -- following the completion of next year’s transition from analog to digital television.

In the interim, the regulator invited Quebecor to apply for a Category 2 specialty licence creating a digital specialty channel which would be considered without delay. In addition, the CRTC wrote that there was nothing that would prevent Quebecor from turning the existing Sun TV (CKXT-TV/CKXT-DT) OTA station into a news and information television station.

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