The CRTC has requested information about terms and conditions of roaming rates from 35 telecommunication companies to determine if regulation is required.

Roaming rates charged by Canada's wireless providers continues to be the source of numerous consumer complaints.

Telecom analyst Eamon Hoey, told the Canadian Press, "Consumers are more than just a bit annoyed at the rates that they're paying not only for basic cellular service, but for roaming, for additional charges, for contracts, you name it."

The analyst added that Canada's wireless carriers "pay in pennies per minute" to foreign carriers such as Verizon, AT&T and UK-based Vodafone for their roaming agreements.

Rogers announced on Sept. 27 that, through a deal struck with AT&T, it will offer LTE roaming for Canadian wireless customers travelling to the US for $7.99 a day, a rate that's been in place since February. Bell Mobility and TELUS have also reduced roaming rate packages over the past few weeks.

Wireless providers were also asked by the CRTC to provide a list of the top four US-based carriers used for roaming by their customers.

"A decision on whether there is a need to intervene will be made once the CRTC has reviewed the information it has asked the wireless companies to provide," noted Chris Seidl, executive director of telecommunications at the CRTC.

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