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I filed a claim for only two items (I would qualify for more, but 2 or under doesn't require a receipt which I didn't keep for something I've already thrown out!).

Pretty painless and didn't ask for any information that isn't in the phone book or publicly available. Received a confirmation email a few minutes after.

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I received the following update today:

Dear Claimant,

We have processed the claim you submitted in the Canadian CRT Class Action. Your claim has been approved for payment.

You claimed for CRT Purchases totaling $ YYYY

Based on the value of your approved CRT Purchases and other information you provided in your claim form, we determined that your “Notional Entitlement” is $ XXXX

Your Notional Entitlement was calculated based on the value of your CRT Purchases, your position in the distribution chain, and the type of products you purchased. For more information on how Notional Entitlement was calculated, please see paragraphs 7-16 of the Distribution Protocol, available at

Your Notional Entitlement is not the amount you will receive. The settlement funds will be distributed pro rata (proportionally) based on the value of your Notional Entitlement compared to the value of all qualifying claimants’ Notional Entitlements.

Your payment amount will not be known until the appeals process has been fully resolved, which could take several months. Please be patient.

For questions please call our toll-free number 1-866-537-7270 or email [email protected].

Canadian CRT Class Action Claims Administrator

The rough payment date seems to be in line with the FAQs regarding the original claim:

"In class actions, payment typically occurs a year after the claims deadline.

Accurate claims processing takes a significant amount of time. Your patience is appreciated."

The claims deadline was March 1, 2019.

Canadian CRT Class Action
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