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I have noticed that more and more external hard drives are full of crapware. Junk I don't want.

And it's hard to get rid of.

For example, I purchased a 1.5 TB Seagate EHD. I didn't install the crapware that came with the drive and found that every 20 minutes, the drive restarted, with Windows asking what I wanted to do, etc. The data stored on it was completely accessible. It just kept restarting.

With another one, I installed the crapware, but didin't allow one program to access the internet. Some sort of backup software. Then I found that when I shut down, I started getting a write exception, where the computer was trying to write to a protected address. So I did a system restore to a date prior to the installation of the crapware to get rid of that problem.

Now I sense one of my older EHDs is dying and must buy another.

Has anyone had any positive experience with a particular brand, one that has no crapware, or a minimal amount?
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The crapware is now being installed at the BIOS level. The last WD Passport drives I got for a client required a firmware downgrade to get rid of it!

At least WD gave me the option of not using it, but it was still a pain having to deal with the situation at all.
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