Late last week, Craig Wireless Systems announced the sale of its Canadian wireless spectrum licences to Inukshuk Wireless subject to regulatory approvals.

Inukshuk Wireless is an equally owned partnership between Bell Canada and Rogers Communications which makes use of existing cellular towers to deliver wireless broadband services across Canada.

Subject to regulatory approvals, Inukshuk will pay Craig $80 million for all of Craig's spectrum licenses in Manitoba and British Columbia

The spectrum, which covers urban and non-urban parts of Manitoba and British Columbia, including Vancouver, run on the 2.5-gigahertz and 3.5-GHz bands and are suitable for the deployment of next generation wireless services, including Long Term Evolution (LTE) or 4G networks.

Last May, Bell and Rogers acquired similar spectrum licences from Look Communications for $80-million.

After the sale, Craig Wireless which owns or leases spectrum licences in the United States, Greece, Norway and New Zealand will no longer own any spectrum in Canada.

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