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A while ago I cracked the glass part of the screen on my Nuvi 750, the LCD display was fine, (it is a much more pliable plasticy material), but the glass "touch digitizer" that makes the touch screen work was hoplessly cracked and only worked on one side :( . Instead of sending it to Garmin only to get back a $150 refurb one, (or buying a cheap new one without handy mp3 playback), I bought a digitizer off ebay for all of $15 shipped! The seller is in Hong Kong so I was expecting some knock off but it is exactly OEM, right down to the serial numbers and other markings.

Taking apart the nuvi was easy but scary not knowing in the slightest what I was doing. Screen works good as new now! I forgot to take pics to make a how to but thought I'd post in case someone else had the same problem.
Pic of my destroyed one after removal, (sucker was glued down)

The seller is goodsupply0889 and he has tons of GPS parts, good guy to deal with too.
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