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I have several, all with the required markings

I have a mixture of Kingston DataTraveler's in various sizes... 8G, 16G and one 32G. All 6 of my 8G's have ink on the side with info similar to what is requested. My two 16G's have the indicated markings on the metal part of the connector as your email implies. My one 32G also has markings on the metal.

One possible suggestion... try the free USBDeview v1.75 utility at NirSoft ( ) and get the serial number of the device. A sample one of my 16G's looks like this (with X's replacing some digits to protect my privacy):

Port_#0002.Hub_#0004 Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Device Mass Storage Yes Yes No No F: 001D0F0CAAA3F9610XXXXXX0 2010-Aug-05 9:39:07 AM 2010-Aug-05 9:39:07 AM 0951 1603 08 06 50 USBSTOR USB Mass Storage Driver USBSTOR.SYS USB @usbstor.inf,%generic.mfg%;Compatible USB storage device 100 mA USB Mass Storage Device 6.1.7600.16385

Maybe the serial number would be useful in a reply email to their support organization...
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