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I'm looking at getting a Toshiba laptop. It will actually be an HTPC of sorts, but the question I have is about extended warranty.

Does Costco have any extended warranty beyond 1 extra year? I have no membership, but will buy a membership if I decide to buy there. TigerDirect, Best Buy, Staples, Future Shop etc all have extended warranty, but I can't find any on Costco website beyond their extra year, which is great and reason enough that I may buy there. Granted the one extra year is great. Perhaps that is enough. Just checking if they offer more.

Does Costco have a credit card? Many other places offer credit cards and zero interest for long periods as long as you pay them off before they are due. I have always found this saves me money.

thanks in advance for any info,


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Costco extend their coverage for laptops (included in their price). But you would have to read the tag since I think it is not the same from say Toshiba to an HP or Acer. It is usually prominently displayed. Three years rings a bell. Which is awesome since it is in-store returns AFAIK.

Costco credit card is AMEX (they don't accept MC or VISA in-store) with your membership on the reverse side. You get up to 2% back on external purchases (sliding scale). If you have the executive member ship (about $100) then you get 2% back on Costco purchases as well.

They do not offer no interest repayment options. Just the regular AMEX billing cycle.
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