Ottawa based Corel Corporation today announced a free service pack for VideoStudio Pro X4, its consumer video-editing software for Windows.

Features of the software update include improved H.264 file conversion quality and MPEG-4 quality, greater support for digital 8 and Hi8 cameras, faster performance for filters and increased performance with AMD Fusion and second generation Intel microprocessors.

In conjunction with the latest processors, Corel claims the service pack will dramatically increase performance. For example, using of AMD Fusion APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), transcode speed is increased by over 93% when going from 1920x1080 HD in MPEG-2 format to 1920x1080 HD in AVCHD format.

"Corel is focused on delivering maximum usability and maximum AVCHD performance to our users" said Greg Wood of Corel. "our internal benchmarks suggest we have the fastest AVCHD video transcode in consumer video editing."

The following is a list of features and improvements released by Corel outlining the enhancements to VideoStudio Pro X4 with service pack one.
  • Superior performance on 2nd Generation Intel Core processors, including support for CM filters
  • Hardware acceleration support with AMD AVT processors
  • Improved quality on H.264 file conversion
  • Improved support for Digital8 and Hi8 format video capture
  • Fix for intermittent disc playback issues on PlayStation 3
  • Improved quality of MPEG4 playback
  • Fix for intermittent noise issues with M4a audio
  • Fix for disc burn error occurring in the absence of background audio and motion menus
  • Fix for language selection error in certain German-and French-speaking countries
  • New capacity to set disc burning speed
  • Fix for application launch failure in the presence of a large number of fonts

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