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Ottawa based Corel Corporation today announced a free service pack for VideoStudio Pro X4, its consumer video-editing software for Windows.

The following is a list of features and improvements released by Corel outlining the enhancements to VideoStudio Pro X4.

  • Superior performance on 2nd Generation Intel Core processors, including support for CM filters
  • Hardware acceleration support with AMD AVT processors
  • Improved quality on H.264 file conversion
  • Improved support for Digital8 and Hi8 format video capture
  • Fix for intermittent disc playback issues on PlayStation 3
  • Improved quality of MPEG4 playback
  • Fix for intermittent noise issues with M4a audio
  • Fix for disc burn error occuring in the absence of background audio and motion menues
  • Fix for language selection error in certain German-and French-speaking countries
  • New capacity to set disc burning speed
  • Fix for application launch failure in the presence of a large number of fonts
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