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Corel Corporation today announced VideoStudio Pro X4, the latest version of its consumer video-editing software for Windows.

New features in the video editing software include improved optimization for newer generation Intel Core and AMD Fusion microprocessors, enhanced HD authoring, new time-lapse tools for use with photos, stop motion animation capabilities, and a variety of new creative features that let users add more Hollywood-style effects to their movies.

The new software is available now in Canada and the U.S. for $99.99 and $79.99 for upgrade customers.

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The following is a list of new and enhanced features provided by the company.

New - Stop Motion animation: Have fun making movies that bring inanimate
objects to life. Capture images from webcams, camcorders and DSLR
cameras and use the automated tools and settings to simplify the stop-
motion animation process.

New - Speed/Time-lapse: Easily create time-lapse effects from a series of
photos or video clips and give your movies the professional look of
speeding up time. With the ability to handle full-resolution files and
very large-size image sets, this is a perfect tool for HD-DSLR

New - Processor optimization: Offering exceptional power and speed,
VideoStudio Pro X4 is optimized for the new 2nd generation Intel
Core and AMD Fusion processors.

Enhanced - Integrated HD authoring and burning: Ideal for upgrade
customers, it's easier than ever to author HD movies to DVD and Blu-
ray Disc with tightly integrated disc creation tools.

New - 3D export: Convert 2D video clips into 3D files with presets for 3D
output on DVD, Blu-ray, and AVCHD discs, as well as WMV 3D formats
for mobile. Box versions also include a pair of 3D glasses.

New - Customizable Workspace: Set up your workspace the way you want -
including across dual monitors.

Enhanced - Web sharing: With presets for YouTube, Vimeo,
Facebook and Flickr in both HD and SD formats, it's easy to upload
directly to your site of choice.

New - Import/Export Movie Templates: Make your own templates and effects
that you can upload and share with other VideoStudio Pro X4 users.

Enhanced - Corel Guide: Get the tools you need to make great movies with
free in-product training videos delivered through the Corel Guide. Click
on the Corel Guide inside VideoStudio Pro X4 to access an array of
useful information, Help, product updates and add-ons, downloadable
media packs, and more.

Enhanced - Smart Package: Automatically gather your entire project -
video, photo, and audio files - into one folder you can take with you
while choosing a custom compression method and secure with password
encryption, powered by newly integrated WinZip technology.
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