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Convert to standalone alarm?

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I own a home that has an alarm system that was once hooked up to a monitoring service. The previous owner didn't provide any codes and cancelled the service before I moved in.

I've never used the system before but it appears to be in working order, Is there a way to convert this into a standalone system? Ie. not hooked up the a central monitoring service?

There's a box next to the electrical panel with the monitoring service logo and a phone wire still plugged in.
I once tried to unplug the phone line from that box and there was a beeping sound so i plugged it back in.

I have 2 movement sensors and all the exterior doors are hooked up. There was also a panic button in the master bedroom of which only the bare wire still remains.

The model number on the unit is DSC PC2550 RK. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Disconect the AC and battery, then re connect the AC, and listen for a rapid clicking sound. If you hear it, the installer lockout is enabled, and you will need the INSTALLER CODE to do any programming, including a reset.

If you don't hear the rapid clicking sound, you can do a hardware reset on the panel.

Here's how to do a HARDWARE RESET.

Hardware Reset of EEPROM Memory to Factory Defaults

If the Installer’s Code is lost through inadvertent programming, the only means of reprogramming the system is via a hardware reset. If the Installer’s Lockout is enabled, there is no way to reprogram the system without entering the correct Installer’s Code.

Follow the sequence outlined below to reset the panel to factory default conditions.

1.Power unit down by removing both AC and battery power.
2.Using a short jumper, short pins marked “EEPROM RESET” together.
3.Power PC2550 up.
4.Wait for 10 seconds then remove shorting jumper.
5.The system will have reloaded the EEPROM with the factory default codes.

The PC2550 will work as a local system (unmonitored) just fine, even though it's a bit dated (old).

BTW, the default MASTER (user) code is 1234.

I've been installing these things since the days of the 6 volt panels and keyswitches.
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