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I was wondering if FibeTV is available without a contract? Can't seem to get that info off their website (the guy who called to sell me sure wasn't forthcoming on the no-contract option).

Along those lines, what is the installation charge, if one does not go with a contract?

And, is there a purchase option on the modem, and if so how much does it cost, or does everybody rent?


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Well, since initially being contacted by Bell about this, I've had probably four conversations with the same rep, as he tries to piece everything together. Bell seems completely disorganized in how they approach the pricing and communicate that to the people selling Fibe.

My first concern was that I didn't know anything about the product, and didn't want to do a contract. When the rep called back a few days later, I had researched Fibe, and was interested. But the rep had a great deal of trouble getting the pricing info for the non-contract scenario. I believe he was trying quite hard. My main concerns are that I don't want to get into a contract, I want to buy the receiver outright and know how much that will cost, and want to know what the install is going to cost me. Sounds easy enough, but I've had a great deal of trouble getting this info - the Sticky posts at the top of this forum are a good guideline, but there seem to be specials on the installation and/or receiver, and the contract versus non-contract option appears murky, at least to me.

On the third (maybe fourth) call, it seemed like it was going to work - the installation was going to be $59, and I found that Bell was pricing the PVR receiver at $249 on their website at Problem was, the rep could not find that receiver pricing on his system. At that price, I was prepared to make the leap. The rep would call me back after following up with his supervisor.

Today, the rep called back with the good news... He was able to get me the PVR receiver for $249. Apparently Bell had announced that on their website before they notified their phone reps, which is why he couldn't get that for me, previously. HOWEVER... the install has now gone up to $259... Without a two-year contract, they will not give me the $59 install I was quoted earlier. Oddly, they were prepared to give me that install price a couple of days ago, without a contract - provided I paid $499 for the receiver.

I'm on the fence, now. After four calls and getting messed around on the price and the fine print (and dealing with misleading advertising/pricing on their website), I don't think I'm inclined to pay $259 installation plus $249 for hardware, especially considering that I'm a ten-year-plus ExpressVu customer, and don't see why I should now go into a contract. That's a big bite to pay, up front.

@primal_phil: Must be nice... unfortunately, contracts are alive and well in Ontario :(

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I wasn't sure about the contract... Bell is ridiculous in the way they bill and credit accounts. I did a contact because I didn't want to buy the box or pay for rental and they offered the free rental with contract, which I'm fine with... but I was never sure whether the other credits were due to contract or independent...

But here's how I was billed:
1st bill:
+$20 STB rental
-$20 STB credit
+3 Digital Service Fee (this reminds me of the old cell phone 'system access fee')
+$100 free preview charge
-$100 free preview credit
+$259 installation
-$100 activation credit
Total: $162 charge+tax... no charges yet for internet (and they really owed me $100, since they promised $59 installation and only credited $100 of the $200 they should have.

2nd bill:
+100 activation charge
+6.95 modem charge
+1.85 modem pro-rated charge
+41.95 Internet
+11.19 Internet pro-rated charge
-5.00 bundle discount
-1.33 random credit that I have no idea what it is
+20 STB rental
-20 STB credit
+55 tv
+3 digital service fee
+3 time shift
+29 basic
-200 credit
-10 credit
........... so I owed like $30 and the $200 credit balanced the $100 they owed me from bill #1 and the $100 they randomly charged me on this bill...

Moral of the story, it all worked out... but it was an incredibly stupid process... I'm just hoping from 3rd bill forward everything makes sense....
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