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Consumers Dropping Pay TV Services

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Thats quite a large number, a change of 594,000.

The number of subscribers to cable, satellite and telecom TV services in the U.S. fell for the first time ever in the second quarter, according to research firm SNL Kagan.

The U.S. multichannel TV market lost 216,000 customers last quarter, vs. a gain of 378,000 a year ago. The total number of subscribers to cable, satellite and telecom video fell to 100.1 million in the second quarter, SNL Kagan says.
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goforit asked: "But isn't the PQ better via OTA than the Internet?"

It depends on the service and your connection speed. I have an internet enabled TV and regularly watch online content from Netflix and VUDU. I have a 15mbs fibre pipe, so speed isn't an issue (normally).
Netflix looks pretty good when I view HD programs. It's not as good as an OTA HD picture, but it's acceptable. Non HD programs on Netflix vary, mostly it's roughly DVD quality.
VUDU is very good. I watch my movies in "HDX", which is 1080p. This is Blue Ray quality. The sound is very good, alothough I do not have a surround system to truly test the sound. I've used VUDU on a 1mbs connection and I could watch it SD quality, and even that was equal to or better than DVD.
I think, especially with products like Google TV right around the corner, online streaming services and devices will become far more mainstream and may even replace DVRs. Why pay a subscription for a device with limited storage where you must set it to record a show, then when you watch the show you have to fast forward through the advertisments? Plus, there's a hard drive in there that will fail when you least expect it.
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