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Connecting Playstation to a 32" LCD Digimate brand

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Hi guys,
I have a 32" Digimate brand flat LCD TV (bought end of 2006). I've just borrowed my cousin's Playstation 3 to play games, we've tried to intall it but we failed. Is there anyway that we can install the playstation 3 on my TV?

By the way, my TV doesnt have an HDMI jack. It has the 3 RCA jacks instead.

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Does it have a DVI input? Sets of that vintage tended to have that too. If yes ... get a hdim to dvi cable and plug it in ...

or get the ps3 component video cable accessory to plug in.

Or get hdmi cable and buy a hdmi to dvi adaptor head...

or get DVI cable and buy dvi to hdmi adapter head

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