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Connecting Playstation to a 32" LCD Digimate brand

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Hi guys,
I have a 32" Digimate brand flat LCD TV (bought end of 2006). I've just borrowed my cousin's Playstation 3 to play games, we've tried to intall it but we failed. Is there anyway that we can install the playstation 3 on my TV?

By the way, my TV doesnt have an HDMI jack. It has the 3 RCA jacks instead.

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If it failed I would guess that the PS3 was set to hdmi out only. With the PS3 connected to the tv, do a reset on the box by holding down the power button for five seconds. When the PS3 boots it will go to component out instead of hdmi. Of course you'll need the PS3 component cable (which it should have come with)
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