Comwave, which claims to be Canada's largest Voice over IP (VoIP) provider, today announced ePhone, a web-based Flash video phone service which costs just $20 per year.

With the service, subscribers receive a phone number, unlimited incoming phone calls, unlimited calling to other ePhone subscribers, and up to 250 minutes per month which can be used to call locally or to almost 60 countries.

Once the 250 minutes are used up, Comwave promises per minute rates which it guarantees are lower than those charged by industry leader Skype.

The benefit of ePhone over many softphones available today is that it does not require any additional software be installed on your computer because it uses Adobe Flash which is installed on virtually every PC or Mac.

To entice potential subscribers, Comwave offers a three day trial which gives users 100 free minutes of calling and unlimited talk between other ePhone users. Once the free trial has expired, users have the option to continue for only $20 per year.

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