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Computer won't "turn on"

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Hey guys - I've never seen this happen to one of my computers so I am looking for thoughts.

I was away on business for 3 weeks so I turned my desktop computer off. I came home and turned it on and nothing happened. There is no noise, nothing.

I have unplugged the power cable and made sure the rocker switch is set to on.

When I push the power button I can see a "green light" on the mother board comes on but there is no noise. If I push the power button, and hold it, the green light on the board goes off.

Any idea what the problem is? Is it likely a dead power supply? Dead mother board?

As far as I know, it was not hit by lightning. I have several other things plugged in to the same power bar (surge protected) and they all work fine.

Since I see the green light, I am thinking that some minimal power must be getting to it but I don't know if it could be some residual power inside the computer that is just enough to turn on the light.

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power supply has died.....
you can usually tell if the fans do not turn (any of them).

This is common with power suppies. They can work one day and die the next.

Should be a simple fix.
Good Luck,

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