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Computer won't "turn on"

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Hey guys - I've never seen this happen to one of my computers so I am looking for thoughts.

I was away on business for 3 weeks so I turned my desktop computer off. I came home and turned it on and nothing happened. There is no noise, nothing.

I have unplugged the power cable and made sure the rocker switch is set to on.

When I push the power button I can see a "green light" on the mother board comes on but there is no noise. If I push the power button, and hold it, the green light on the board goes off.

Any idea what the problem is? Is it likely a dead power supply? Dead mother board?

As far as I know, it was not hit by lightning. I have several other things plugged in to the same power bar (surge protected) and they all work fine.

Since I see the green light, I am thinking that some minimal power must be getting to it but I don't know if it could be some residual power inside the computer that is just enough to turn on the light.

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I disconnected as many of the power plugs as I could see and plugged them back in and it came back to life. Somehow, one of them must have come out on its own as the tower was locked while I was gone and I distinctly remember shutting it down as the last thing I did before I left.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I've never used a multi-meter at all. :)

When I pressed the power button, nothing was happening other than a green LED was coming on that was on the mother board.

As I posted above, I disconnected an reconnected any plug I could see and that seemed to do the trick. Not sure how one came loose, but it must have.

The computer is running fine again.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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