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Compression tool

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I was looking for a RG6 compression tool, and came across a kit that had a Bolide DL-807, 25 T&B snap-n-seal connectors, and a stripper.

Does anyone have any experience with this specific tool, or recommendations of a good inexpensive compression tool?
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If you are not doing lots of connectors it might be alright but I think it will get hard to use after a while.

I use a Thomas & Betts, IT 1000, not the cheapest but IMHO it is the best, it is also BOTH prep tool and compresion tool.
I honestly don't know what brand/model mine is... I'll check tomorrow when I'm in the van.
Not planning on doing many connections, if the tool see 100 connections I'd be surprised. Just wanted something adjustable so I could use different brand connectors, and RCA's. Was mainly looking to replace current crimp type connectors, and the RG59 in the house with RG6. I don't do many installs, when I do, it's only friends/family with DPP stuff. (Wish bell would get rid of the legacy LNB's and switches, too many runs for nothing)

Is there something better thats reasonably priced (under $70) that would be a little more robust and suit my needs?
I use the Ideal Compression tool that Home Depot sells for 79.98. It does RG-6, Rg-6 Quad shield, and RG-59 compression connectors. It also does RCA compression fittings. I am a hobbiest and it works perfectly for me.
They also have a cheaper model for $30 that should do the job.
I have an Ideal Omniseal and think it's a piece of [email protected]!#P. the connections never stay on tight.
I've seen that before. It's not the fault of the compression tool. They just activates the compression built into the F connector. If the connectors are loose, it's either because the wire end was prepared incorrectly or the wrong size of connector is being used.
That could be Bob. I don't have a proper preparation tool, I want to get the CABLE PRO PSA596.
I have a Paladin 901024 SealTite Compression Crimper I bought for about $60 and it works flawlessly.
I looked at the Paladin online, but it doesn't look like it's adjustable. (Maybe it is??? )

What I'm leaning towards right now is either a Klein VDV211-007 or VDV212-009. I've always had good luck with Klein tools. I just want a decent tool that has flexibility in what type of connectors I can use.
The Paladin works for RG59 and RG6 connectors. I am not sure what the adjustable tools adjust for.
The adjustment is for the ability to use basically anyones compression fittings, as they are not all standard, and to be able to do BNC or RCA fittings as well. I do BNC every now and then for security camera's or monitors.

Was looking online at the IDEAL OmniSeal 30-603 that homedepot sells. That thing looks pretty sweet.... have you tried any RCA's with it?

Bad thing about livin in the sticks.... 2 hours to the closest homedepot, 3 hours to one that has it in stock. Guess it saves me on the impulse buying :rolleyes:
I have done lots of RCA's with it. I make all my own component cables using RG6 and the Ideal RCA compression fittings that Home Depot sells. The RCA's even come with colored bands that you slip into a groove on the connector to show if it is Red, Green, Blue, etc.

I've been having a hard time to see how the cable & connector seat inside the omniseal tool as all the pic's I can find only show a side view... Does rear seat of the tool support the compression fitting 180 or 360 degrees? Is the silver colored tab/lever on the side for cable retention to kind of hold the connector straight, or is that part of the seat that the connector compresses against?
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