You want the best cell phone plan out there, but how to find the time to compare offerings? We know-you’re busy.


We’ve set out here to make things somewhat easier. The world of cell phone plans can seem like an unending galaxy but here is a look at what two of the top providers have to offer.


Fido is known for it’s dogs, little yellow house and useful cell phone plans. The company, which is owned by Rogers Communications Canada, is also hitting the road these days for its 20 th Anniversary celebration tour of Canada , during which it will give you cupcakes and a bunch of LG product giveaways- yay.

The company also offers Internet service, something new, which we’re not considering in this post.

(Kodoo doesn’t offer Internet service for comparison). Fido also has a slew of promotions on right now, which are not included in the following charts.

What about Koodo?


Koodo is a subsidiary of Telus, and has the honour of providing cell phone service to the happiest customers. The company received top customer service ratings in a recent survey done by J.D Power and Associates, and so they really do have some bragging rights.

But how do their services and prices stack up? Check out these charts to find out a bit about who does what better when looking at cell phone plans:

 Bring Your Own Phone


When you bring your phone and only need data, minutes and texting Koodo has a pay-per-use offer for data on the lowest end where Fido has no data access. Koodo is also cheaper on the highest end, at $5 less/month for 7 GB of data and unlimited talking minutes.

Fido, however, is consistently $10 cheaper per month on comparable plans in between these two extremes.














If you’re looking to get a new phone, Koodo and Fido’s choices reflect how much money you can get off the price of phone that you’ll pay upfront when you first get it. Sign up to pay Fido or Koodo more per month on a given plan, and you’ll pay less for the initial cost of your device.

Again, going with Koodo, you can pay a little less per month at the very low end with a pay-per-use data plan and one that offers 100 MB/month. You can also save with them at the very upper end, if you want 7-10 GB of data/month.

In between, Fido again often offers services for $5 less than their competition per month, if you choose. The initial cost of the phone, however, could be more.

What about the phone price?

Both companies offer a wide variety of phones from major brand names. We’ll compare two.

When looking at the iPhone 7, it runs from $530-$800 from Koodo , and around $400-$520 from Fido . For $919 you can also get the same phone from Fido with pre-paid service or no term.

When looking at the Pixel Phone by Google, it’s $530 or $680 with Koodo , and between $400 and $680 with Fido .

What’s the verdict?

It’s difficult to analyze every angle of what cell phone providers are offering and to come to a certain conclusion on the best deal out there. That being said, our gut feeling is that Koodo has a better deal on both the cheap and expensive ends, and that you could pay a few dollars less per month with a plan in the mid-range from Fido, especially if you stay away from the most expensive phones.

If you’re not sure at all what to get, your best bet is really to look at the price range you are willing to pay and at how many minutes per month you will actually need. Also consider how much data you’ll want to use-any? A lot?

From here, take notes on three phones you like best and compare what you can get. Best of luck.