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Good morning, I am hoping to get a bit of feedback regarding the above.

I've recently signed up for 2 years, received my netbook and am more frustrated than anything with it.

I was told the speed is up to 7.2. This is great I knew i wouldn't get close to max speed but I'm getting 1.5! (The other day it was less than 1) I have asked to upgrade to the rocket stick but I was told by a customer retention rep(the third person I spoke to) that this service is separate and I am locked in for 2 years. By the way I was told that 3Mbps is average for the Ottawa area (I would be very happy with this)

A little background....been with Rogers since the @home days. them 200 bucks a month for all my services except cellphone.

Ok sorry for venting I was hoping people who have this service can tell me what their speeds are.

Thanks all

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So Rogers is over promising and under delivering?

Reality is performance varies depending on where you are, wireless congestion and so on.

7.2 Mbps is only theoretical and 2 to 4 Mbps is likely the best you're ever going to see.
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