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Comodo introduces free internet security suite

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User dependent

I have used Comodo Firewall exclusively for about two years now. The experience can be very user dependent. You have to pay attention to the questions it asks and I've learned not to mess around with the "treat applications as" option.

Like with most firewalls, Comodo relies on user input to select what to allow and what not to. I had a similar problem to what Barter experienced and I was able to narrow it down to negligence on my part. Somehow I had blocked access to explorer.exe in answering one of Comodo's questions when installing a new app. (N.B. not internet explorer, but windows explorer which is much more detrimental to the functioning of the OS).

Unfortunately, I can not remember exactly what I answered in Comodo's firewall that caused it to block access to explorer and it took me a while to figure out what the problem was. I do know that I had changed a setting in the "treat application as" options, but didn't realize at the time that the application Comodo was referring to was "explorer.exe". (I was tired of the constant pop-up questions from Comodo...oops!) Thankfully, I was able to fix the problem by booting into safe mode and re-allowing access to explorer.

Even though I can't remember the specifics I still thought I should share my experience since it was so easy for me to block access to explorer without knowing it and chances are it's happened to others too.

If anyone needs help I can try and retrace the steps I took to fix my explorer problem.
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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