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Comodo introduces free internet security suite

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From that link:

The paid version offers no more firewall or anti-virus protection than the paid version but it......

Is that second "paid" supposed to say free?
Yes. Thanks.
Very interesting.

My Norton Internet Security 2007 is up for renewal.

I wonder if I should give this "free" comodo a try.

Is this one of those penny wise pound foolish ideas? What do you think?
When I click on the link in the first message, I get a new browser window with the following message:

"You are not authorised to view this resource.
You need to login."

Obviously I am logged in, otherwise I would not be able to send this message. There is no place to log in again in the new browser window.

None of the messages, including the one posted onto Digital Home on Dec 8/08, include a link to Comodo. Since it appears this is promoting the product and the company, I would have thought it appropriate to include at least a link to their home page.
I installed comodo firewall on a dell laptop, work well for a month then when I was using Sharepod on my ipod, i clicked a wrong button on the firewall notification box that popped up. Then I was was unable to click on any icon on my desktop (some error message would pop up). So I had to boot up in safe mode and remove it. After which I loss the function of my Wireless card, and all the icons in my network connections window was gone (ie Local Area Connection, WLAN, DELL 1390 Wireless), I called Dell tech surport and couldn't figure out the problem.

Comodo firewall is extremely hard to remove from your computer, several of the registry keys remain altered even after it is uninstalled, which can cause various problems including loss of wireless card fuction. In the end I had to reinstall windows.

Here is a link started in comodo forums on this issue. Full Removal of Comodo Firewall Pro 3 with SafeSurf Toolbar (If Regular Uninstall Method Fails)

If you install I suggest making a quick restore point before installation.
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User dependent

I have used Comodo Firewall exclusively for about two years now. The experience can be very user dependent. You have to pay attention to the questions it asks and I've learned not to mess around with the "treat applications as" option.

Like with most firewalls, Comodo relies on user input to select what to allow and what not to. I had a similar problem to what Barter experienced and I was able to narrow it down to negligence on my part. Somehow I had blocked access to explorer.exe in answering one of Comodo's questions when installing a new app. (N.B. not internet explorer, but windows explorer which is much more detrimental to the functioning of the OS).

Unfortunately, I can not remember exactly what I answered in Comodo's firewall that caused it to block access to explorer and it took me a while to figure out what the problem was. I do know that I had changed a setting in the "treat application as" options, but didn't realize at the time that the application Comodo was referring to was "explorer.exe". (I was tired of the constant pop-up questions from Comodo...oops!) Thankfully, I was able to fix the problem by booting into safe mode and re-allowing access to explorer.

Even though I can't remember the specifics I still thought I should share my experience since it was so easy for me to block access to explorer without knowing it and chances are it's happened to others too.

If anyone needs help I can try and retrace the steps I took to fix my explorer problem.
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I have been using the firewall for quite a few months and am very pleased with it. I haven't tried the combo suite as I still use Avast! Anti Virus.
I've tried Comodo Firewall twice on Vista x64, and both times it crippled (slow slow slow) my computer to point where it had to be uninstalled immediately. Is anybody seeing this type of thing lately? Needless to say I'm very hesitant to try it again.
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