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College Football

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any word on anyone picking up college football this season? tsn2, the score etc? if anyone gets any confirmation, pls post it here
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Bell's on-screen guide shows the Chick-Fil-A Bowl airing on one of the NCAA Football package channels. (and I assume the other providers will have it in the Super sports pak). I think that confirms it won't be on the Score.
I see it on the Rogers guide too.

At least it will be on in some way, shape or form...
I like the Chick-Fil-A commercials with the cows, so I'm glad I'll be able to see them this way. :)

Also, the guide is now showing that the Ticketcity Bowl on Saturday is also in the NCAA package.
Eastlink/Rogers ch 433 chick fil-A bowl, looking at it on my guide as I type, only know ch numbr for Eastlink & Rogers but if you have super sports go through your guide.

Kind of dumb for the score not to edit their ad.
It was on the Super Sports Pak and PPV AFAIK. It certainly wasn't on any of the sports channels.
I like that the Rose Bowl is airing ticker-free.

Also, DirtyShirt, not sure if you're aware, what used to be the Peach Bowl is now the Chick-fil-A Bowl, so see the above posts relating to your question.
Yep all BCS games will be ticker free. They are among the very few ESPN events that are ticker free now. The others that I can think of are the NBA Finals (on ABC), Premier League, US Open, Masters and Open Championship. Even Wimbledon, which in the past was ticker free, had a ticker last summer.
BTW I should point out that I'll usually defend the bottomline by saying that they are just covering up the ESPN bottomline, which is usually true. However, ESPN hasn't used their bottomline for any of the BCS bowl games, so TSN has absolutely no excuse for using theirs. All they are covering up is the ESPN logo some of the picture.
If anyone finds a URL to the Bell TV schedule for the US College Football package, please post it. Thanks.
College Sports Package on Bell

Anyone wanting the College Football/Sports package, please call Bell and help educate.

I called today to make sure I am subscribed for Thursday's games. They are fairly sure that there is not games until Saturday.

Would love to see the ESPN games Thursday and Friday! Numbers may help.
81 - 92 of 92 Posts
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