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College Football

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any word on anyone picking up college football this season? tsn2, the score etc? if anyone gets any confirmation, pls post it here
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BS / VT on Labour day?

The Boise State / Virginia Tech game is on ESPN on Labour Day evening (Sept 6). Does anyone know for sure yet if any Canadian channel is picking it up? I really don't want to miss this game.
It doesn't look like it. It isn't on The Score's schedule (although it could be added), TSN has CFL Labour Day Classics and TSN2 has US Open tennis that day. If The Score doesn't pick it up it will be on Super Sports Pak on Rogers/Cogeco and the NCAA package on Bell.
I have the Super Sports Pak so as long as it will be on that I am fine. How do you know it will be though? Does the SSP carry all ESPN games that aren't broadcast elsewhere on Canadian cable?
Can anyone explain to me why Rogers (New Brunswick) Ch 491 says that the Missouri-Nebraska game is on in HD on that channel but I can't get it? I can get the SD broadcast on a different channel but I want the HD obviously. When I go to the channel, the guide tells me it is one, but the screen is black. I have the full Sports Pack and the Rogers HD package. And this is not the first time this has happened. It seems to be every week now...

I know that in NB on Sundays, we only get 4 HD NFL games at a time, and I understand that (although I am not happy about it). But, I don't see why we can't get this one HD college game on Saturday.

I'd call Rogers, but I'd spend hours on phone trying to find someone on the other end who actually knew the answer.
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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