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College Football

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any word on anyone picking up college football this season? tsn2, the score etc? if anyone gets any confirmation, pls post it here
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Turns out the most exciting game of the night was the only one we couldn't see in Canada.

I pay $30 a month for the sports pack and still relied on a choppy stream to see the OT.
I'm new to the Super Sports Pak this year, so this may be common...but can someone tell me why the main Big Ten Network game (Northwestern) is duplicated in the sports pack while the Minnesota game is nowhere?

And I see later that FSU-Oklahoma will be on the pack, which we're already getting on ABC; while I don't see the ESPN2 game (Iowa-Iowa State) anywhere.
Weird...on Rogers in NB Northwestern-Ill State is on both 408 (regular BTN) and 435 (SSP).

Not that big a deal to me (too many other games on!) but still...

[Edit: and just to close all this up, Iowa-Iowa State is on where it says FSU-Okla would be. Now back to flipping between Miami-OSU, ND-Mich and (my) BC Eagles.]
NBFF: Rogers in NB switched to WCVB from Boston last year.

WCVB, by the way, inexplicably and without notice aired the SEC Network game today - same one that was on Peachtree. Made it available in HD at least.
I see it on the Rogers guide too.

At least it will be on in some way, shape or form...
1 - 5 of 92 Posts
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