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College Football

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any word on anyone picking up college football this season? tsn2, the score etc? if anyone gets any confirmation, pls post it here
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Does Cogeco have a pay per view plan so you can just watch the college footballs that you want to see. Or do you have to pay for the whole sports package plan.
you have to pay for the whole package (Super Sports Pack) at $29.99 per month... They do not have a pay per package option.
Just gotta say, the Boise State-VT was a great game and an excellent finish and I'm glad I was able to watch it thanks to the SSP. Too bad no one else besides Rogers/Cogeco could watch it, that's a shame.
I'm new to the Super Sports Pak this year, so this may be common...but can someone tell me why the main Big Ten Network game (Northwestern) is duplicated in the sports pack while the Minnesota game is nowhere?
For me on Cogeco in Burlington on Big Ten Network there showing the Minnesota-South Dakota game and on the SSP the Illinois State-NorthWestern game is on.
1 - 3 of 92 Posts
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