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College Football

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any word on anyone picking up college football this season? tsn2, the score etc? if anyone gets any confirmation, pls post it here
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No confirmation yet, but TSN2 and The Score will both probably have some regular season and bowl games. TSN and TSN2 will probably once again have every BCS bowl.

When I do have confirmation I'll post it.
I just wish that Telus would pick up the CBS College Sports network. Apparently, it is available on Bell Satellite, but nowhere else as far as I can tell. OTOH, they do offer the Big 10 network. Go figure.
With the exception of the odd (like 1-2 a season) big MWC football game (and this will be a moot point when Utah joins the Pac-12), CBS College Sports doesn't offer any quality football programming. Same for basketball with the exception of the odd somewhat-big A-10, MWC and C-USA game.
Score had all the Thursday night games last season, and you'll get quite a few SEC games on WPCH- Peachtree TV (Atlanta station).

All the big ranked games (Big XXII, SEC, PAC-10, typically are carried by CBSHD or NBCHD on weekends.

You can get an internet package from ESPN called espn player to watch specific games (over 300 I believe), can't remember what the cost is on a monthly basis. It's $140 for a full year, so you can get the basketball too (but I think you can go month to month and cancel after the football season is done). Great if you have a HTPC.

You have to access the ESPN europe player for this to work in Canada. (mods please remove link if this is unacceptable).
Actually ABC has quite a few top 25 games. CBS has the SEC Game of the Week and NBC only has Notre Dame home games. ESPN has many top 25 games this year including Boise State-Virginia Tech, Miami (FL)-Ohio State and Texas Christian-Oregon State. Versus also has a couple good games a year, including Pittsburgh-Utah on opening night this year.
My hope is that we can get a few more TCU games this year, they were such underdogs all season last year.... A few more Big XXI games (Texas Tech, OU, OKSU) would be nice also...
You can probably expect some more Big 12 games on ABC Seattle and Spokane. I doubt there will be many MWC games, all games with a MWC home team air on The mtn., Versus or CBS College Sports.
Not sure you'll see more TCU games, given their non-AQ status. But, that opening game with Oregon State could be one of the best games of the season (the Rodgers brothers are nothing short of amazing) and I really hope that game gets picked up.
You guys think I should call Rogers and get the time-shifting features to be able to see CBS-West, ABC-West, NBC-West, and FOX-West for some more games?

Planning to do this for the NFL in Sept but now that you guys mention college foots, i may as well get an early start.

Well Fox doesn't air any college football and NBC and CBS only air national games (so the same game is on East and West). For ABC you should if you want some Pac-10 games and that's probably it. If your fine with Big Ten, ACC and some Big 12 games, then no need. However, for the NFL it does help to have Fox and CBS West. NCAA FB only starts a week before the NFL FWIW.
Thanks Josh, i meant to pose this question in the right area but since we are talking about college foot and NFL here goes: Do you guys see Netflix streaming live sports events anytime soon?

I understand they are coming to Canada and we can get movies and TV shows but live sports is currently not an option. I do not watch much TV except for football and hockey and I'd love to say good-bye to Rogers and save a few bucks a month if there are other alternatives.

Thank you.
I have the super sports package and got college basketball I hope that those channels are used for football as well.
I hope we can see the games shown on ESPN on Saturday afternoon and night. Ohio State will be playing Wisconsin at 7:00, that will be a good game to see.
With the exception of the odd (like 1-2 a season) big MWC football game (and this will be a moot point when Utah joins the Pac-12), CBS College Sports doesn't offer any quality football programming.
CBS College will have 11 MWC games this year - and Boise State will be joining the conference when Utah leaves. CBS-C MWC games this year will include Washington @ BYU, Utah @ Air Force, TCU @ Utah, Air Force @ TCU, Air Force @ Army, BYU @ Utah, Boise State @ Wyoming and five other games.
SCORE is got college gameday , so that is a sign there picking up some games
I had The Score's schedule and I meant to post it yesterday, sorry.

2010 NCAA Thursday Night Football on The Score
Thu 9/2, 7:30pm – Southern Mississippi @ South Carolina
Thu 9/2, 11:00pm – Southern California @ Hawaii
Thu 9/16, 7:30pm – Cincinnati @ North Carolina State
Thu 9/23, 7:30pm – Miami (FL) @ Pittsburgh
Thu 9/30, 7:30pm – Texas A&M @ Oklahoma State
Thu 10/7, 7:30pm – Nebraska @ Kansas State
Thu 10/14, 7:30pm – South Florida @ West Virginia
Thu 10/21, 9:00pm – UCLA @ Oregon
Thu 10/28, 7:30pm – Florida State @ North Carolina State
Thu 11/4, 7:30pm – Georgia Tech @ Virginia Tech
Thu 11/11, 7:30pm – Pittsburgh @ Connecticut
Thu 11/18, 8:00pm – UCLA @ Washington
Thu 11/25, 8:00pm – Texas A&M @ Texas
Thu 12/2, 8:00pm – Arizona State @ Arizona
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You would think that without the live programming restrictions previously imposed on TSN2 and now the extra sportsnet channel, they could pick up some regular season college football (Sportsnet ONE with those VERSUS games previously mentioned, given their pre-existing programming partnership and TSN2 with their strong ties to ESPN of course).
I am almost certain that we will see a weekly game on TSN2, usually the ESPN Primetime game. As for Sportsnet One, I'm not so sure there.
it would be nice if they picked up weekly espn games on tsn2 etc, but i'm not certain that they will. the most logical choices don't seem to always happen.

as for the score and college gameday, hopefully they realize it's a 2 hr show and starts at 10am now ;)
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