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COGECO in the Kingston Area Only.

For discussion of Cogeco Cable Television & Music packages, prices, marketing material, content (channel offerings and content on the channels themselves).

Specific to the Kingston Area.


*NOT* to Discuss:
Cogeco Kingston: Internet, Phone, or other services.

Only to discuss:
Cogeco Kingston: Analog TV, Digital TV, Digital Music Channels, Analog FM via cable.

Offerings. Content. Packages. Prices. Quality. Specifications of content.

Value for money. Possible comparison to what's offered by other BDU's within Kingston - or elsewhere

Offerings, prices, content, packages / package advertising marketing material, information to the customers.

Wishes / Suggestions for COGECO: Wanted content in these services, suggestions for new content in the TV / Radio / Music Channels / FM Analog service category of products.

We may discuss in this thread: Sim-Subs on Cogeco Kingston - as that, in my view, affects "Content", quality of Content.

May discuss: Picture and Sound Quality Issues on COGECO Kingston. HD Video and Audio quality or specs - on COGECO KINGSTON.

Comparison to offerings in other COGECO areas, or even from other BDU's (ex ROGERS) - so long as it is related to comparing what is offered in Kingston - or to what is offered elsewhere / by other BDU's.

Comparison to offerings in other areas or BDU's can give us an idea if Cogeco Kingston is up to par ... competitive.

The purpose is to Break down, Specify, and Analyse and Communicate:
What exactly is COGECO offering / selling in Kingston.

... and then offer opinions/suggestions on the value of the content and the quality of the content offered by COGECO in Kingston.

We can RANT a little in here - but not too much. Rant intelligently - to let us know WHY you don't like something - so we can understand your reasoning and discuss it.

The main idea is to hash out WHAT the HECK is COGECO offering in Kingston, and is it worth it. Is there real content and value there? Or not. What do you like and not like and why? What should Cogeco offer in Kingston? What would you like to see - or see gone. Suggestions to Cogeco Kingston for improvement or new content.

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I wanted to start this thread because I have been doing some fact finding about what COGECO offers in Kingston.

A close family member is Grandfathered on Full Analog Cable service w/COGECO Kingston, and Cogeco is offering them incentives to try and convert them to Digital service (Free digital box for a year! Yipee!). And presenting them with slick marketing material.

My close family member has asked my advice: What do you think I should do?

So begins my quest to understand what exactly COGECO Kingston is offering my close family member - in detail - to be able to arrive at good advice - and a good decision.

Also - now that I have found out alot of good info - by digging it out in person with COGECO Kingston - I wish to share it with others - and have open discussion to see what opinions or advice or findings others might want to share about all this.

Also - I want to see if we can get COGECO Kingston to start to listen to our suggestions and wishes - to give constructive advice and suggestions directly from their customers or prospective customers - so that COGECO Kingston can improve.

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The Cogeco Colour flyer - Convert to Digital offer.

So we receive a colour flyer with a several boxes, and lots of little images and icons, (hieroglyphs) inside each box, the box outlining "Packages" of channels - each image representing a channel.

An image is not very specific. Some I recognize, some I don't. But in any case, I do not believe a bunch of little images in a box specifies very much at all.

I went directly to see COGECO Sales/custormer support persons at their "store front" in the Cataraqui Town Centre Mall, lower level, inside east side of the mall, near "The Bay" store.

They were very helpful and answered all my questions. I really grilled them.

I went back again the next day, to provide more feedback, and ask more questions.

Some key things important things I found out:

1. If you accept a Digital Box free / or discounted for one year, as they offer - for Digital service - you are essentially entering into a 1 year contract with Cogeco Kingston. Cancellation or changes to your service may mean penalties.

2. If you switch off Analog service to Digital - if you are currently grandfathered on Analog service - you may lose the ability to go back to Analog. Probably Cogeco is trying to Migrate everyone/as many as possible to Digital - and wanting to minimize the number of Analog customers - so that they can eventually do their network conversion to all digital more easily - and with fewer problems, trouble, or customer complaints.

Probably - Analog service is not even offered anymore.

3. The nice flyer, with boxes and images, is not exactly specific to Kingston. The Cogeco advertising and marketing is generic and there are differences in what is actually offered in Kingston.

So you've got to get into the details with them - to know exactly what COGECO is offering you - here in Kingston.

ex. Omni 1 and 2 - although the images are shown in the Digital Basic Package - are not offered in this package in Kingston. You must get them in the "Free HD Channels" box beside - which means you need the HD Digital Convertor box.

4. There is small print all through the flyer giving COGECO freedom to do essentially what it wants.

See near the bottom of the package boxes, in very small print:

ex. Channels may vary per region.
ex. Subscription to package containing associated digital channel is required.

On the back page, where the free Receiver box is offered for one year:
ex. Cogeco reserves the rights to change offers without notice.
ex. Regular install charges are $29.99 - $79.99.
ex. A 1.5% recurring charge will be applied to your monthly TV service for the CRTC's LPIF fund. {LPIF = Local programming improvement fund}
ex. Cogeco reserves the right to change offers without notice.
ex. Custom/internal wiring installation fees may apply in special circumstances.

5. In the end, it became clear, that there would not be any real $ savings, to convert to digital, to get the equivalent package of what channels were had on full, grandfathered analog service - compared to going to Digital.

Plus, there would be new hardware - at eventual cost (rental fee after one year).
And entry into a 1 year contract - with possble penalties for cancellation or changes - during the 1 year term.

6. To get any wanted additional "good content" now available with the digital box - would require a fair bit more money per month - due to Cogeco Kingston "Packaging Rules".

Ex. to get this one channel, you've also gotta get that one first, and that one costs $10 a month.

So ... to get a channel you want, that is shown on the flyer as $3.99 ... youv'e actually gotta spend another $10 a month - making it now $14 a month more on your bill.

A little misleading ... that COGECO - non-Kingston Specific flyer/marketing ...

7. NO TCM - No Turner Classic Movies available any way on COGECO Kingston. I asked/suggested last summer in person. From other posts I have been reading ...I understand people have been asking Cogeco for this for quite some time - several years - but still nothing.

The Devil is in the Details ...

... there's more to my story ... but that's all I have time for right now.

These issues seem to be typical ... from what I understand from others / other posts.

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One thought:

in point 3. above ... the fact that OMNI 1 and 2 are shown in the flyer, in the BASIC DIGITAL package, but NOT actually offered for Kingston area in the Basic Digital package (only offered in the HD package in Kingston) - suggests to me that COGECO DOES offer it in Basic in other Cogeco service areas.

Right away - I feel like Kingston area gets the shaft. Is offered LESS.

stuff to think about. bye bye for now.

My new quote:

"Image is one thing - Reality another."

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As a new home-owner and soon-to-be resident of K-Town I welcome this new thread. I need this thread because I'll have to decide how to get my TV signals.

Hopefully I can contribute at some point.

Congrats and thanks, again.

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A few other things noted - nit-picking and details

COGECO Kingston

A few other things noted - worth mentioning - nit-picking and details:

1. More small print to take note of on the COGECO Marketing / Colour Flyer:
Back page, where all the little images and packages are:

Digital Theme Packs
Sports $6.99

Very Small print at bottom: "*Leafs TV not in all areas"

So if you wanna watch Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey, on the "Leafs TV" icon/channel shown there - better go ask in Kingston ... if it is available - or what else is available for LEAFS.
(re: major issue recently - about Toronto Maple Leafs hockey games on Cable co's - re: Rogers Sportsnet One channel issue ? Not sure.)

2. On a recent bill, Feb 2011 bill, LPIF fee details.

Regulatory Fees
Fee Description

"CRTC LPIF Charge includes HST (applies to all cable TV related services, PPV & VOD and TV equipment rental)"

So the LPIF - Local Programming Improvement Fund / Fee is charged on ALL your cable TV related services.

The more you spend with COGECO for TV related services, incl ppv pay per view and vod video on demand, the more will be your LPIF Regulatory Fee on your monthly bill.

I think the LPIF is now at 1.5%

Not specific to Cogeco Kingston ... but good to know what's written on the Cogeco Kingston Bill.

Prices creeping upwards due to regulatory fees... Take note then ... add 1.5% to whatever you think you are going to pay COGECO for all the TV services you will use - monthly.

3. Scrolling Guide Error for APTN ch.

The scrolling channel guide/schedule on Kingston Analog Channel 23 - has an error.

APTN channel - Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (?)

Scrolling Guide shows it as CH 71 (old, out of date)

APTN ch is actually now on Ch 59, Analog, Kingston.

{ APTN ch sometimes has some good movies & content }

Channel guide not correct for Kingston - suggests Cogeco Kingston not paying attention to their customer information - not updating stuff for their customers. Are they aware? Do they care? Do they know what is acutally happening on their own network in Kingston?

{ go to ch 71 analog - just static - confuses customer - think it's off the air or has trouble - not good }

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Movie Channels in Basic Packages? - NOPE.

Rogers Cable in Ottawa offers both AMC - American Movie Channel, and TCM - Turner Classic Movies on ANALOG (!) service.

TCM - ch 57 analog, Rogers Ottawa.
AMC - ch 59 analog, Rogers Ottawa.

Neither is given by COGECO in the grandfathered full analog package at my close relative's place - I don't recall them ever being there ...

Less movie content of interest in Kingston - in the Basic Cogeco Packages.

The AMC image is offered / shown in the Cogeco Digital Select Package, with small print "Channels vary per region". Gotta check it out with Cogeco then - see if it is offered in Kingston.
(not a hint of TCM, best I can tell - old issue with COGECO, as mentioned earlier)

Sorry ... less good movie content on Cogeco Kingston - must pay more and get extra packages to get anything ... and that will cost more.

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NBC affiliate offered by Cogeco Kingston.

Watching this morning, Saturday, on Analog 5, NBC channel.

Cogeco Kingston is giving us "WGRZ 2" NBC out of Buffalo - at least that is what is showing on the TV screen.

We're not getting "WSTM 3" NBC out of Syracuse ... nope.

Personally, I don't like that. I'd rather have the Syracuse affiliate - always, and no sim subs, for Kingston. I feel that Syracuse is more relevent, more local for Kingston - and we're just given the standardized "Buffalo" NBC station.

Buffalo is way over at the other end of Lake Ontario - more relevent for the GTA - Greater Toronto Area - I would think.

NBC Syracuse has weather and local news / sports which I feel is more relevent to the Kingston area. Syracuse is about 90 miles or so south of Kingston ... not at the other end of Lake Ontario.

Plus - for anyone who goes over to the U.S. from Kingston - and takes the Thousand Islands Bridge across - nicer to hear what is going on just south of us - rather than way over in Buffalo - re local news/weather/sports/other/even ads and local notices etc.

Anyway - wanted to mention ...

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Wikipedia - Cogeco

Found this Wikipedia Site on the internet. Seems to be fairly good at showing COGECO channel lineups - different areas incl. Kingston - quick and in a nice, user friendly format.

But please note - this is Wikipedia - Not Cogeco Kingston itself.
So take this info with a grain of salt - might not be totally accurate or correct.

Must always check directly with Cogeco Kingston - that is what I am learning.

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COGECO website - channel listings

Cogeco itself, directs you to here for channel listings, where you must click on the listing of channels, under the Channel Line-Up heading.

Then enter your postal code and street number.

The listing of channels then comes up and lets you click on each one to view a picture of the icon/image of the channel and a brief description of what it is.

Link ... and follow the process if you wish to try:

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Analog FM Radio via Cable - Cogeco Kingston

Cogeco Kingston still offers some Analog FM Radio via Cable.

(... this is becoming more rare with other regions or cable providors ... many have shut off this service )

COGECO Kingston - don't dare drop these services - and in fact ... you have an opportunity here - to EXCEL - and attract and retain customers with this value added service.

(similar argument on the digital side - adding better content to the digital radio station selections - good content is good content - find it and add it)

The fact that COGECO Kingston has FM Analog service at all - is good in my opinion - this service should be continued as I feel it offers value to what they offer to customers here.

Kingston is sort of half way between Toronto and Montreal (approx 250-300km away from either) - and sort of in the middle of all of Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa (approx 200 km from Ottawa).

But Kingston seems to be just a little ... little ... little too far away from any of these major Canadian cities for the average person to pick good radio stations, direct, over the air, from these "nearby" major cities.

Then there is the U.S. just south of Kingston, which has lots of good content too. (and some HD digital radio might be possible too - from the U.S.)

Cogeco Kingston's FM analog lineup seems to be pretty well hidden. I have gone to Cogeco Kingston in the past to get the station listing. I went again recently to get it. They printed off a hard copy for me.

I do not know if the COGECO Kingston's Analog FM lineup is anywhere on the internet - on the Cogeco website. Perhaps someone could investigate that.

The nice thing about FM Analog service via cable is: It is simple to connect up to a standard FM receiver - and it gives you some radio content from outside Kingston - better and different stuff.

Kingston's got all the standardized radio bla bla bla stuff but very little in terms of good: Jazz / Blues / Classical / Oldies /good classic rock / indi / punk / alternative locally - except for special shows on CBC radio, or University Radio, or from the U.S.

Locally, over the air radio in Kingston is mostly Rock and Pop and Hits and standard fare over the air in Kingston. All the usual stuff - and some different good alternatives are needed here - more VARIETY needed.

If you work in a BUNKER - where radio signals do not penetrate easily - or where you can't put up an outside antenna for good recepton - but you have Cogeco Cable in there - you may have the possibility to connect your standard FM radio receiver to FM analog cable to get some nice music piped in to you. (? - depending what's provided - content ... and what you like)

Otherwise - You need digital service - or something else like internet streaming, or satelite radio - to get more music VARIETY or good content here in Kingston.

Kind of sucks.

No dedicated Jazz, or Blues or Classical content, over the air, easily in Kingston ... except for special shows or CBC radio / University Radio / Independent radio - or from the U.S.

Kingston - sort of a backwards medium sized little place. I know ... I am from Kingston - originally.

This is an opportunity for COGECO Kingston.

But of course ... Cogeco Kingston probably wants you to get DIGITAL service from them. Let's see if they respond - at all.

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FM Analog suggestions for COGECO Kingston. pls ADD.

I have provided these suggestions to COGECO Kingston, hard copy, in person, at their customer service / sales storefront in the Cataraqui Town Centre Mall, lower level, near The BAY store.

I have gone through them, one by one, in person with a Customer Service / Sales rep.

I am suggesting COGECO Kingston ADD these to their existing FM Analog service in Kingston - or even elsewhere in Cogeco-land.

But good content is good content - so they could be added to digital service too - why not ???

I know of these radio stations, because I have listened to them over the air with a really good radio - and then have gone and done some research on the internet.

I know COGECO has operations near Montreal (Cornwall?) and near the GTA - Greater Toronto area - so I see no reason, technically why COGECO could not receive the signals of most of these stations - in pretty good quality - and pipe them through and into their systems - so they could be offered to all their customers.

There remains the WILL and the DESIRE - for COGECO to do this - for its customers.

Perhaps COGECO will argue bandwidth or business or agreements with the stations themselves ... whatever ...

But if I am able to pick them up over the air ... come'on COGECO ...


CKDO AM1580 and FM107.7 Oshawa ON Excellent 60’s 70’s 80’s Oldies music, news weather and traffic (Traditional format). Signal gets out very well on AM.

CJAD AM 800 Montreal (English) Excellent, no-nonsense talk shows w/good issue and professional radio hosts in English during the day. Powerful signal daytime. Reduced power evenings/nights (after 4:10 PM usually). Ex Kim Fraser show – around noon, Laxer Live w/Dan Laxer afternoon + others. Should be easy to pick up out of Cornwall Ontario.

CFMB AM 1280 Montreal (Italian/Multicultural). Wikipedia “A privately owned and operated radio station serving Montreal’s diverse ethnic communities with programming in over 20 languages” (in Italian, morning, most of the daytime. Weaker signal but powerful enough to receive in Ottawa – should be easy enough to pickup in Cornwall)

WSM AM 650 Nashville Tennessee “The Legend” “Home of the Grand Ol Opry” 24hr Country Music Format w/local news on the hour. Un-interrupted blocks of Grand Ol Opry performances and material. RARE ... “mostly music” format is now very rare on AM. Powerful 50,000W AM Clear Channel transmitter w/massive broadcast antenna. Received in Kingston occasionally with good radio. (? Possible to pick it up, reliably some other way – internet streaming or via some other provider or by satellite link ??)

CFZM AM 740 Toronto (Oakville?) “Zoomer Radio” “The best of the best, AM 740” Wikipedia “Perhaps the only remaining adult standards-formatted station in North America that broadcasts on a 50,000W Clear Channel Signal” Excellent Adult oldies.

WCNY 90.9 FM Watertown NY – “Classic FM” Excellent Classical. Already on your Kingston Analog FM. BUT ... also transmits in HD DIGITAL RADIO – 2 or 3 Digital subchannels – excellent quality if it can be picked up well. WCNY HD-1, excellent classical. WCNY HD-2, “The Original sound” Pop, popular 50’s and 60’s music and NPR news. WCNY HD-3, not sure? – possible JAZZ ?


WCIZ FM. 93.3 FM Watertown NY – great classic rock

CJAI 92.1 FM Amherst Island (Stella Ontario). “Amherst Island Public Radio” Unique content, good different/local Kingston area content. Good hosts. No nonsense or loud ads. Low power (5W only?) but receivable in Kingston w/good radio and setup.

Generally, Kingston is missing any good JAZZ or BLUES content. Suggest find some, and add it to your ANALOG FM service.

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FM Lineup Kingston (Cogeco Kingston analog FM)

This information, hard copy, given to me by COGECO Kingston:

(not sure if it is available on the internet ...)

Cogeco Kingston, FM Lineup Kingston - Analog FM service via Cable.

FM Lineup Kingston

call sign / Off-Air Freq / Cable Freq / my comments

WAER 88.3 88.5
WRVO 89.9 89.9
WJNY 91.3 90.5 "Classic FM" U.S. - good - Watertown/Syracuse NY (has HD digital too)
CFRC 101.9 90.9 Queen's University Radio - Kingston
CHXL 103.7 92.3
WBBS 104.7 93.1
CKKL 93.9 93.9
Nashville CMT - 94.5
CHIN - 95.3 CHIN Toronto/Ottawa? Multicultural/Italian. Broadcast OTA in T.O. & Ottawa
CIGL 97.1 95.9
CFMK 96.3 96.9 CFMK Kingston, Classic Rock ?
CFLY 98.3 98.9 Fly FM Kingston - pop
CFMO 100.1 100.1
CJOJ 95.3 100.7
CBC 2 102.5 101.5 ? Espace Musique, CBC Fr. Ottawa ? nice.
CBBK 92.9 102.1 CBC Radio 2, Engl, Classical Music
WOJ 103.1 102.7 WTOJ, Carthage NY
CKLC 1380AM 103.1 (now 98.9FM on air, AM gone, CKLC radio Kingston)
CFFX 960AM 103.5 (now 104.3FM on air, AM gone, former CKWS radio Kingston)
CHEZ 106.1 103.9 chez ottawa
WMHR 94.7 104.5 U.S. Mars Hill Radio, Copenhagen NY, Religious
CBCK 107.5 104.9 CBC Radio 1 - Kingston
CKBY 105.3 105.3
CJBC 99.5 105.9
MM - 106.3 Much Music ?
TMN - 106.7 The movie network?
CILQ - 107.1

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CKLC 1380AM 103.1 (now 98.9FM on air, AM gone, CKLC radio Kingston)
CFFX 960AM 103.5 (now 104.3FM on air, AM gone, former CKWS radio Kingston)
CKWS 960AM and CKLC 1380AM - these two stations no longer broadcast on the AM band in Kingston - it has been quite some time (years).

COGECO Kingston needs to update the "FM Lineup" page they gave me.

I think it must be on their Cogeco Kingston, internal only, intrAnet. (COGECO printed off a hard copy for me.)

CKLC is now 98.9 FM over the air.
CFFX (formerly CKWS radio) is now 104.3 FM over the air.

COGECO Kingston - check and update your info.

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RE: OMNI 1 and 2 Multicultural TV channels

I wrote earlier, in post #3 :

ex. Omni 1 and 2 - although the images are shown in the Digital Basic Package - are not offered in this package in Kingston. You must get them in the "Free HD Channels" box beside - which means you need the HD Digital Convertor box.
I forgot to mention ... when I asked the COGECO Kingston, customer service / sales rep - in person at their storefront ...

"Why are OMNI 1 & 2 not offered in the SD Basic Package in Kingston?"

The answer was: Bandwidth on the system.

I said: "I do not believe that."

But reading in other Threads in the Cogeco Forum ... this seems to be a standard answer that Cogeco gives, when questioned about package offerings ... "not enough bandwidth".

Personally - I think they're just not providing the OMNI's in the SD basic package in Kingston... to try and do a force sell upwards - to the HD box - for more revenue.

There are empty channels on ANALOG in Kingston ... so why even aren't the SD OMNI's even on the ANALOG system?

PLUS ... I'm sure there's lots of space to add Digital Channels into the SD Basic Digital Package.

Come'on Cogeco ... if you offer the OMNI's in the BASIC SD Digital Package in other Cogeco Territories - in SD Standard Definition ...

Then ... Why can't you offer them, the same, in the Kingston Region?

( I read in other Cogeco Threads - of the various Cogeco offerings/packages region to region. I think Cogeco - as an organization - really needs to have a look at standardizing offerings and packages across different regions. It's causing customer angst. Maybe they're working on it ... not sure. )

OMNI's are content worth having - if you want any sort of Multicultural content.

Come'on COGECO Kingston ... there *ARE* some customers in the Kingston area - with various National and Ethnic backgrounds ... who'd like some Multicultural programming.

Come on ... Let's go ...

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OMNI 1 & 2 - are OTA ( & Rogers Analog in Ottawa)

By the way ...

OMNI 1 and 2 are on ROGERS ANALOG in Ottawa.

... and ...

OMNI 1 and 2 are Over the air in Ottawa too - in DIGITAL OTA too, I believe.

So come on COGECO Kingston ... it's not like they're super specialty channels.

They're just good multicultural content being broadcast OTA in Ottawa and Toronto (I think...) so why don't you offer them in Kingston on your Cogeco Kingston ANALOG system? Digital Basic in SD package in Kingston?

Like Rogers does in Ottawa ? ANALOG Cable (!)

Cogeco Kingston ... once again ... a little lacking ...
(and giving the "bandwidth" excuse)

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There are empty channels on ANALOG in Kingston ... so why even aren't the SD OMNI's even on the ANALOG system?
Ooops, sorry, I forgot, COGECO is pulling content (or any good content) slowly away from their ANALOG service - since they wish to retire it / convert network to digital only.

So why would anyone hope that new, good content actually be ADDED to Analog service?

Strategy - Slowly offer incentives to switch to Digital, while at the same time letting the Analog content whither and die. Add no new content to ANALOG - and dilute the existing content.

Man, Sunday just before noon - I was cruising the Analog dial in Kingston analog COGECO land - and there was little but commercials and infomercials and other trivial content.

Just sad. And it is like that at various other times too - many times.

Well ... I think we'll just wait em' out - as an experiment - for interest.

Let's see how low things go - and what other incentives they'll offer to convert to digital.

Right now it's clear to me, that for Cogeco Kingston - you'll need to get an HD digital box - or else get little good content.

And then you're paying alot more - for the packages, the equipment and the content - to see or hear anything good ... that will make the investment worth it in the first place. Then you've got to have an HD TV as well, to make it worthwhile.

Then you're loaded up with so many channels - that you don't have time to watch them all anyway.

Hmmm - some real simplification might be necessary at that point.

Simplification for me = "Cancel Service". Incentives or not.

Because personally - I don't really watch all that stuff anyway ...

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Long time Cogeco subscriber - I am happy with the recent improvements in the channel line-up, however, I consider this to be a precursor of better things to come. I am hoping that with Peachtree gone - and negotiations continuing - it is because pressure is being put on Cogeco to get TCM - preferrably HD - on the line-up as well.
What I desperately would like to see (from anyone really, because the rest would follow suit) would be an ALL IN package. For so many $$ you get ALL the channels. That would be something I am interested in.

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The reason the omni's are not included in SD is due to the lack of OTA broadcast in Kingston. If there were transmitters here, they would have to be carried by Cogeco. Same deal with A channel, SUN TV and some of the french channels.

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Peachtree TV channel - good content missing.

Cogeco Kingston, Analog Cable Channel 47

Peachtree TV

Purple, Mauve screen with wording:

"Peachtree TV has been removed from the Cogeco channel lineup. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Some good content on Peachtree TV channel is now missing here - confirmed currently missing in Kingston.
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