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Cogeco introduces IPTV platform - Epico

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Cogeco Connexion to introduce next generation Internet protocol television (IPTV) platform

Cogeco Connexion, a subsidiary of Cogeco Communications Inc., is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement with MediaKind (previously Ericsson Media Solutions) to offer its customers the MediaFirst next generation Internet protocol television (IPTV) platform in Canada. Cogeco Connexion is taking its customers into the future with the introduction of MediaKind's state-of-the-art solution, enhancing their experience with highly customizable video content, wireless receivers, voice activated controls, and access to Android Google Mobile Services for a complete video offering. This evolution toward IPTV will further enhance Cogeco Connexion's TV platform offering, demonstrating the Company's ability to truly listen to and adapt its services to changing market dynamics and customers' needs.

"At Cogeco Connexion, we always make our customers' needs central to our priorities and decision-making process," stated Ken Smithard, President of Cogeco Connexion. "Trends in TV viewing clearly show that operators must always innovate in order to offer a rich and customized customer experience. After careful consideration, we are confident that the MediaFirst IPTV platform is the best vehicle to fulfill our promise to Canadian viewers by offering a cutting-edge technology with personalization features and greater ease of use for the kind of viewing experience our customers want and deserve."

"Once integrated, Cogeco Connexion's new MediaFirst Video Experience will be entirely IPTV-based, voice activated, and will rely entirely on a media-optimized cloud-based TV platform," explained Michel Blais, Vice President, Engineering and Operations, Cogeco Connexion. "We expect to make the service available to customers throughout our footprint by mid-year 2019 and it will then become the standard video experience offered to new customers."

Customers currently enjoying our existing video services, including the advanced TiVo solution, will continue to be offered their current services in the future as MediaFirst will coexist with these video platforms.

"This announcement is great news for Cogeco Connexion and its customers. The introduction of an IPTV solution allows for a transition to a more efficient all-Internet protocol video delivery solution providing Cogeco Connexion with access to a broader video equipment ecosystem," added Luc Noiseux, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Cogeco Communications Inc.
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It's a bout time, good for Cogeco, but they shoulda done this years ago. why wait until now? oh well at least they got the ball rollin'
I think Cogeco like the rest, Rogers, SHAW tried to do their own implementation and failed initially.
Any idea when the service will be made available?
The press release says "We expect to make the service available to customers throughout our footprint by mid-year 2019 and it will then become the standard video experience offered to new customers."

My guess is that if they aren't already doing employee testing, they will be in the new year. Expect a phased rollout beginning in certain cities in the spring and finishing "mid-year," assuming they follow their schedule.
Interesting coincidence...

I get survey notifications as part of Petro-Canada's Petro-Points program that earn me free points for filling in surveys.

Today I got a notice for one that would be from Cogeco in regards to the new service, asking about features, pricing, options, etc. From the way it was worded it came from Cogeco and talks about TiVo and moving to this platform.

It looks interesting and cheaper than we what pay now and we would get more in return (believe it or not). Of course, this doesn't mean it's written in stone yet but it's going in a good direction.

It may save us as customers when our promo ends in early August. We'll have to wait and see. :|
Any more news on this??

I recently spoke with both Customer Service & Tech Support on when this might start to be available. Neither had any clue whatsoever what this new service was and had NO details. I actually sent the CS and the TS a copy of the August press release; they thanked me very much as they had not been told anything about this potential new service. This doesn't bode well for an imminent release! I'm waiting to ditch Fibe and rebundle my services with Cogeco for at least some bundled package savings (Bell internet is terrible value and performance!).
Last quarterly update was Jan. 11. The next one is April 10. They probably won't start training front-line workers until the roll-out is ready to begin.

"MediaFirst’s IPTV platform expected to be launched throughout footprint by the end of FY2019" (August 31)
Earlier this month, I DM'ed their twitter helpline and got the following response:

Hey there!

It should be launched very shortly! Last time I heard it should be sometime in the spring! :)
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So if you want more info on the set-top box that will be offered, based on this Bluetooth certification

Code name UIW4020COG, it will be provided by the French company Technicolor, the model is the "Sapphire", running Android TV 9.0.
It's using a quad-core Broadcom processor, with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

This model is already in use in Sweden by Com Hem, as the TV-Hub if you want to check that.
I checked the current status. October 30 last quarterly financials said: "getting ready to launch its IPTV platform." Presentation listed Cogeco Connexion FY2020 priorities including:
Launch MediaFirst’s IPTV platform:
– Customizable video content, WiFi devices and voice activated remotes
– Savings through increased self-installs, lower equipment cost and increased network capacity

I didn't listen to the conference call to see if there were additional followup question. Next quarterly report scheduled for Tuesday, January 14.
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It looks like Cogeco quietly introduced their IPTV service last month - "Epico". Doesn't show up on their website unless you specifically search for it. I understand that they are discontinuing TIVO, and all new customers will get Epico instead. Has anybody had a chance to try it? If so, is it any good?
Cogeco just released their Q4 earnings a few minutes ago and mentioned they started offering the new IPTV platform. There will probably be a few more details in the investor relations section tomorrow and perhaps on the conference call. In the meantime I made an educated guess and found the support site for anyone that is interested.

"Leverage advanced multiplatform video with existing TiVo service, enhanced Wi-Fi and gradual launch of new IPTV platform across the footprint"

Several mentions of "gradual" launch - perhaps they are rolling out by geography, or just doing a soft launch. Also sounds like TiVo will be around for quite a while. I haven't listened to the conference call to see if there's more substance behind the bullet points.
I was a cogeco user for years and years then switch to directv (Dual Citizenship).
Our Family doesn't watch much TV anymore and I need to get a box in places where I don't have a coax Run (outside, garage, 3rd bedroom, ...)

Cogeco system is all wireless and apparently pretty good.

I heard it is fast enough, the remotes are great and is especially good if you hard wire ethernet to the boxes.

Any reviews on these?
Does the pic quality look ok?

I'm looking for 4-5 boxes. This is basically a trial run for cogeco as I'm moving in 8 months and need to find a system I like.

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Cogeco Officially Launches EPICO, its New IPTV Service

Cogeco Connexion is proud to announce the launch of EPICO, its new IPTV service that offers an entertainment experience combining the Internet and television.

EPICO is based on a technology platform that is integrated into Google's Android TV ecosystem and on the advanced expertise of the team of Cogeco engineers who contributed to the development of the final EPICO product. This new service will allow customers to take advantage of the latest technological developments in television, a cloud-computing infrastructure and a scalable platform.

"We are excited to provide our customers with the latest technology in home entertainment, while using a progressive marketing approach for its introduction in the market. More than 1,200 employees were our first users before offering EPICO to our customers," says Frédéric Perron, President of Cogeco Connexion. "We are very proud of our employees' engagement and now, more than 12,000 customers are enjoying the benefits of EPICO."

Among the many unique features offered by EPICO, Cogeco customers can 'power up epic entertainment' and access all their favourite content through a single interface, including their live and on-demand channels, as well as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+ and thousands of applications via the Google Play Store. They also benefit from an intuitive and even more personalized interface thanks to the per-user profile and features that will make their lives easier, such as voice command or the ability to restart a program that is currently being, or has recently been, broadcast. Finally, customers will be able to watch their content whenever and wherever they want, thanks to the EPICO 4K wireless cloud PVR with a capacity to record up to 1,000 hours of content, then download and watch it without an Internet connection using the EPICO mobile app.

EPICO is available to the majority of Cogeco customers in the territories served by the company. Cogeco is committed to providing all of its customers with an exceptional experience and will proactively inform them as the service becomes available in a new city. Detailed information about EPICO can be found on the Cogeco website.
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I posted this over at DSL also....Has anyone found out about picture quality? How does the bitrate compare with Tivo 4k cable? Also as mentioned earlier, what modem comes with it and can it be bridged unlike CODA 4589 when you have Tivo?
It's good to see that a Canadian company is using Google's Android TV for an IPTV service. Android TV (renamed Google TV) provides full IPTV plus OTT streaming with affordable, open platform devices.
Is there some reason why internet operators don't resell each other's wholesale internet outside their respective regions.
This has already been covered in the RiverTV discussion, which is an OTT service available on any internet provider in Canada.

BTW Bell Fibe also uses the MediaKind platforms and supports Google's Android TV boxes and other third-party devices for additional STBs after the first PVR.
I wasn't asking about River TV and other third party ISP and IPTV services. I was asking why Bell, Rogers, Shaw, Telus and Cogeco don't sell internet and IPTV over each other's infrastructure. I'm aware there may be some technical considerations but if Teksavvy, Start, River and others can do then they should be able to as well. Not doing so could be seen as anti-competitive.

Does Bell support the full TV service on Google/Android TV or just selected TV and OTT services? It looks like Cogeco is supporting a full IPTV service on Google/Android TV devices, complete with cloud PVR.
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