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A bit more than a year ago I bought myself a LCD HDTV, pretty much for the sole purpose to use with my PS3. I have basic analog cable and I have that connected to the back of my television. I can watch the analog SD channels, but boy they didn't look good. When the weather gets cold they look really bad. However, a few months ago I stumbled across this forum and discovered what the decimal point on my remote control meant, essentially that my TV has a QAM tuner. I've been able to find most digital equivalent's of the channels in the basic analog package (along with a few extra channels) and I've been pretty happy.

I had noticed a few weeks ago that Global was no longer on 83.1 but had moved to 109.1 and this got me wondering if any new channels had become available. So I started poking around the Internet today and Cogeco's wikipedia page said that Global HD was showing clear in Kingston on 102-715. At around 5:45 today I tuned into 102.2 and there it was, 1080i Global National. I was pretty happy until about 3 minutes later when it just stopped. Did I just have bad luck and Cogeco just happened to yank this channel 3 minutes after I discovered it or is this an intermittent signal? Does cold weather affect reception? It hasn't with the 480i digital channels.

Also, when people list QAM frequencies of channels I usually notice stuff like 102-715 however, it seems to be impossible to type that in on my remote. First I only have a decimal point and second the decimal range is anywhere from .1 to sometimes .17. Are things just done differently with Sharp televisions?

1 - 1 of 149 Posts
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