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Cogeco HD Channels using Built in ATSC/QAM Tuner

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Hello to all,

I'm new to the HDTV World (ain't christmas great!).

Heres whats happening - my TV has an ATSC Tuner, and when I scan the cable I get a whole bunch of SD (480i) and 1 HD (A&E HD @ 720p) channel.

Looks like the same channels as basic cable?

They are sitting @ 87-X, 89-X and 90-X

As far as I'm concerned its all good - I just haven't seen any other posts on this?

Just curious about whats happening, is this a cogeco service that is supported - or is it just there? or will it go "poof" and disappear someday?
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Does anyone know about the stability of Clear QAM channels?? As in are they constant or do they change with time?? I did a scan two days ago and yesterday one of the channels came in for a few seconds and then disappeared. Other channels were stable.
Cogeco is removing clear QAM as of July 4. This means that unless you subscribe to a cable package, and use a digital cable receiver, you will NOT have a cable signal.
I have noticed I have lost clear QAM channels, but is doesn't matter as we are cable subscibers.
I haven't checked the clear QAM since it was removed, so I'm not sure what if anything is there. Interesting about Food Network, we lost that one (clear QAM) in June.
I checked my clear QAM not that long ago, and there were basic channels, freeview channels, and some other channels. We are in the Burloak system.
Depending on your location, you could use an antenna to get network channels. For speciality channels, you will have to get a digital box from Cogeco or other provider.
1 - 5 of 149 Posts
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