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crockett18 said:
Here is a list for Windsor. I noticied that TSN2 comes and goes. Also the channel numbers are hard to remember, and for my TV you can't edit a digital channel name. So the channel list does not help you. But the picture is far better than it's analogue counter part.
Thank you crockett18, much appreciated. I noticed that 85-1 to 85-10, 86-1 to 86-10, and 87-1 to 87-10 were the OnDemand channels from my neighbours, but in the past week and a half or so they've all been scrambled/weak. Either they stopped watching things on-demand or Cogeco is finally scrambling them.

Also the 104-290s and 105-290s seem to be HD PPV channels, but it scrambles them right before the movie actually begins. I know it's HD because there's that little "High Definition Pay-Per-View" bumper that runs 5 minutes before a movie starts, and when I click Info on it, it says it's 1080i, as opposed to the 480i for the rest of the cable channels.

I can't seem to get TSN2, TeleToon Retro or the DIY Network. Could this just be a problem with the signal strength of my cable wires? We've had cable in the walls for almost 20 years now, so the cable in the walls that we use is getting up there in age. If I were to split the line from the outside and then run the new line directly to my HDTV would that mean I could get those channels (since the signal strength would be improved) or do those channels just come and go as they please so you kind of have to be lucky when you want to watch them?
1 - 2 of 149 Posts
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