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Cogeco HD Channels using Built in ATSC/QAM Tuner

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Hello to all,

I'm new to the HDTV World (ain't christmas great!).

Heres whats happening - my TV has an ATSC Tuner, and when I scan the cable I get a whole bunch of SD (480i) and 1 HD (A&E HD @ 720p) channel.

Looks like the same channels as basic cable?

They are sitting @ 87-X, 89-X and 90-X

As far as I'm concerned its all good - I just haven't seen any other posts on this?

Just curious about whats happening, is this a cogeco service that is supported - or is it just there? or will it go "poof" and disappear someday?
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Using built-in tuner

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has a complete cogeco channel list when connecting coax directly to the tv? I have a Sharp Aquos LC46D62U and I am receiving analog and digital signals (a few HD channels), but it's a pain to go through all the channels not knowing what they are. Some digital channels don't show up even after doing a channel scan (ex. I will see 102.3 HD discovery but I won't see anything on 102.1). A channel list would help a lot when flipping through channels. Thanks.
It's odd though, I don't receive more than 15 sub-channels per channel. For instance, for channel 80, I get sub channels 80.1 to 80.15 (nothing more). How come my discovery HD channel is on 102.3 and yours is on 80-289??? Please help... thanks :confused:
I guess it's different in Milton than in Oakville....

It's just frustrating to scan through all the digital channels and not knowing what channel you are viewing...

Anyone have a complete channel list for straight COAX into the TV tuner for Oakville? Thanks in advance.
Hi Kevin, what is a TVGOS?

Coleus, I guess I can go through all the channels and remove the blank channels, but this will defintely be a tideous task. thanks for your help guys
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